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May your life be like a wildflower, growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day. –Native American Proverb

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Halloween this year was a scary one.  The day before was pouring rain, the morning was raining hard too, but by 1 pm, the rain stopped and it didn’t rain until later this weekend.  It was a beautiful evening making … Continue reading

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carving pumpkins : a picture tutorial

1- Get your pumpkins. Get them, having your design in mind.   2- Wash the pumpkins.  3- Make your design.  There are lots of inspiration in books and online. 4- Cut the top of the pumpkins.  Careful with the knives. … Continue reading

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the salmon run

  As we have done for years, the visit to see the salmon run, is a must. But I don’t think we’ve ever gone seen the salmon in shorts and t-shirts.  This year has been warm.  A warm fall.  We … Continue reading

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turning 12

This year, it was Siena’s turn to celebrate her birthday somewhere else besides home.  Overseas to be more specific. Lucas turned 6 when we were in India.  I also celebrated my birthday in India that year, and of course, if … Continue reading

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what summer is…

* running * splashing * happiness * freedom * water * smiles * laughter * movies * rivers * lakes * grass * blue * red * snow cones * picnics * ice creams * watermelons * avocado * wet … Continue reading

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getting ready

Yes, we are getting ready for the cooler days, that move us in a little more. Our summers are spent outside from breakfast to dinner and after that too.  Sometimes even before breakfast (which are not very early) we are outside … Continue reading

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