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the kitchen during Christmas

we’ve been cooking and baking a lot lately, but not all were photographed. Some menu-making, lots of friends over, having fun. Lucas made these gnocchi’s the last time he was in his outdoors day.  They made them with acorn flour … Continue reading

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the weeks during Christmastime…

The last few weeks, besides celebrating Christmas, there were lots of things brewing, cooking, knitting, sewing, reading, singing, making… so much more! … we went to the annual Solstice Bonfire celebrated not far from our house by the City of … Continue reading

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Christmas Day

And early morning. Tea in hand, sitting down and enjoying every minute of it. Smiles, laughs, surprises, secrets revealed. Hand made presents.  Yes!  Lots of them! (Have you’ve read the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place by Maryrose Wood?) Home made … Continue reading

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Christmas time

From setting up the tree, decorating the house takes few days.  There’s always something here or there to be done.   Something new.  Something we’ve always done. Memories of ornaments received.   Most of the ornaments we have are handmade. … Continue reading

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the perfect tree

We stopped nat the Ranger’s station to grab a permit to cut our tree, and a map to know where to go this year.  We headed to the same place we have the past few times. So we head up … Continue reading

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in the kitchen

We’ve had lots of cooking and so much picturing them.  But here’s some. Mark is the baker in the family.  For all sorts of pies and cookies, breakfast, he is the one who does it all.  And they are so … Continue reading

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the carving

Looking for some inspiration.  Pinterest, always at the ready. Cleaned. Planning. Waiting. More inspiration. We are ready. There is something inside. They are coming along.   Sometimes a bigger challenge than we expected. Sometimes something we haven’t done in years. But … Continue reading

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