The playing we usually don’t do

IMG_0670 While in Idaho last month we went to this place.  Grandma took us a few years ago, and now it’s the thing we do when we are there.

IMG_0558 Yes, allowed the Unlimited Fun.  Yes, it is fun, but a different fun that I (we) are used to. It is a lot more busy and crazy that my normal day, and not sure I could do it more often.  It is the special thing we do when we go.

IMG_0556 We went straight to the go carts.  Seriously?  Is this allowed for kids younger than driving age?  It’s the same thing than driving! No helmets? What?

IMG_0557 Everyone was excited.  Until after a turn, we’ve realized that the sun in March, in Idaho… doesn’t warm very much.  It was cold.

IMG_0559 But anyways.  We had to go drive around.  No matter that the next day we were driving for 9 hours back home.  Way different driving, I know.  Of course.


Yes, Hi Mama, I am buckled, don’t worry.  Which one is the break and which one is the gas? 

IMG_0565 IMG_0561IMG_0571 And went went.

IMG_0579 Never mind I am taking pictures while I’m flying on this curvy road!

IMG_0600 IMG_0574 Yes, another round of driving. This time with a jacket, hats and gloves.

IMG_0605 Are they going to drive like this when they get their driver’s license?

IMG_0619 Now to inside a little to warm up and some loud noises….

IMG_0629 Basketballing.

IMG_0622 Hitting those rats but not the cat…

IMG_0632 Please do not climb or sit on railing.  Oops… need to read the signs I guess.

IMG_0636 IMG_0649 OK, a few more rides.

IMG_0653 Mark and Lucas got warned and pulled over for bumping on the curve… oh those boys…

IMG_0656 Siena and I passed them.  An easy one at least this time.  And well, the last time.  We didn’t want to watch them get pulled over again and get kicked out.

IMG_0661IMG_0663 So onto the batting cages it was.

IMG_0672And yes, of course.  The choosing of the prizes.

Open air


Mark, having grown up in Idaho talks about the open air, the big sky that he had growing up. DSC_0080

I get it, and I’ve seen it many times.  It is this vastness, this tall, tall air up above us.  nothing to cover it, nothing touching it, for miles.

DSC_0109 DSC_0228

And I do like it when I see it, when I have it, when I am surrounded by it.  I like it a lot. It makes you feel small, in this huge open space.  It usually comes with silence, deep silence.  I like all of it too.

But I know this open space also comes with dryer, warmer days.  And as oppose to Mark, I grew up with trees.  I grew up with rain (lots of it), and trees, lakes and rivers (large ones.) And I love that too.  It does actually feel more like home, when I have these with me.  Even though I love this big, tall blue, I need green.  I need water.

I think it’s funny how the place we grew up in, makes such a large impact in our lives.  We were just laughing few days ago, because Mark was commenting how done he was of the rain we’ve had.  He needed a break from it, and he needed it to be dry, even just for a little while.  Siena and I smiled, because we both love the water.  The rain.  I feel like I actually need the rain in my life, and I’ll take all of it as it comes.


This is the sight to both sides of the road. DSC_0227

I will take this sight though.  It is so beautiful.  All of it.  Its quiet-ness, blue-ness, dry-ness, windy-ness, dark-ness, open-ness, tall-ness.  Yes, all of it.  Because I know soon enough I am always coming home to my rain.

Left behind

DSC_0086 When I see empty buildings, it always makes me wonder what the story is behind the lives, the families, the people that lived here.

DSC_0087DSC_0096 This mobile home still there, with lamps and shades and shelves, but all ripped from the walls and fallen.

DSC_0159 DSC_0162DSC_0128 I am no architect or engineer but it makes me wonder why they built this rocks and wood pieces that makes wonder its stability.


DSC_0095The house almost still standing, but yet, mostly gone.

DSC_0152 DSC_0153 DSC_0158 DSC_0167 Farming equipment left behind, covered by grass and oxidized.

DSC_0169 DSC_0175 At the end of a road, not well traveled.

DSC_0177 DSC_0180 DSC_0182 DSC_0184 DSC_0212DSC_0185 DSC_0189 Now this barn being used by rodents, and owls, and others I am sure.

DSC_0195DSC_0192 The gate still swinging with the wind.

DSC_0198 DSC_0200 Hinges and hooks meant to withstand the rough cold winters and hot summers as well as the strong winds.

DSC_0203 DSC_0207 DSC_0209

The recycler and thrifter in me makes me hope it could be saved, or the materials re-used.  But I think this is fine too, I guess.  I love the colors and the sight nevertheless.  I love it that makes me think of the history and the stories of these places.  But it also makes me think of what I might be leaving behind when time comes.  And what it will all look like.  I am sure there will be people who will be wondering then what all that I am leaving would have meant to me.  And so the stories are being built.

the hill climb


Mark and Siena have climbed this hill a couple of times, and Lucas has always been too little.  This time though, they all three went with Grammie.

DSC_0072 Yes, that hill in the middle of the photo above.

DSC_0075 DSC_0078 DSC_0093 We went to the end of the road, and then to the right.


Then they left, to this thing they do when we go to Grandpa and Grammie’s cabin, but this year a little different, as it is every time, as the kids grow and change.DSC_0104

That hill from down here, didn’t seem like much, but as they got further and started to climb, the stories we heard, and then we looked at the pictures Mark took, looked very different up close.

DSC_0136 IMG_0265 IMG_0262 IMG_0264 IMG_0270

Rugged, rough.IMG_0271 Steep.

IMG_0274 Cold, hot. Dust. Sagebrush.

IMG_0276 Snow. Rocks. Cold.

IMG_0277 IMG_0281 Tall.  Windy.

IMG_0269 IMG_0282 IMG_0283This is their view from the top.

And this is what we saw from the bottom, with a zoom in the camera.

IMG_0286 IMG_0289

Then, on the other side of the hill…IMG_0290 IMG_0298they saw elk.

IMG_0293 And taller hills. Trees. Mountains.  More snow.

IMG_0296 Sky.

IMG_0297 Yes, I get it.  This is the open-ness Mark talks about missing.

IMG_0302 IMG_0299IMG_0303

From top of the world…

outside with the animals

DSC_0270 DSC_0272 DSC_0278Daily check of the chickens to see if there are eggs.  And yes there were!

DSC_0009 DSC_0030 DSC_0024DSC_0273 DSC_0317 DSC_0283 DSC_0004 DSC_0008IMG_0390 IMG_0411

We rode in the back of grandpa’s pickup and visited  his neighbor.  He has lots of cows and new calves.IMG_0401 IMG_0408

We actually got to see one being born.  That is not something we have a chance to see in the city.


Highland cows with their shaggy hair back at grandpa’s…  DSC_0298 DSC_0019DSC_0288 We got to help feeding them all.

DSC_0299 DSC_0291

But mostly we watched them.DSC_0287 DSC_0301 DSC_0302 DSC_0305 DSC_0307 DSC_0310

A little calf born a week ago.DSC_0308 DSC_0309

Lots of hair, free-range eggs (for that delicious angel food cake we tried!) and lots of fun times being outside.



The day we arrived in Idaho, was a beautiful clear, sun shining day.  The drive was gorgeous.  Since we had left so early that day, the sun was still up and a little warm, the air was crisp and clear. DSC_0049

There was still snow patches on the ground at grandpa’s place.


The mountains were still with snow too.  DSC_0056 DSC_0053

And this hill here in the center, was waiting for them to hike.  A hill Mark and Siena have climbed a few times in the past few years.  The last time being 4 years ago.  This year, Lucas was invited as well.

DSC_0058 There was sitting and relaxing and talking.

DSC_0061 There was reading, and talking and catching up.

IMG_0305 There was cooking and baking of a delicious angel food cake (with farm eggs!)

IMG_0309DSC_0326 DSC_0329 And eating.

IMG_0412 IMG_0418IMG_0242 IMG_0416There was dog playing, and hang out.

IMG_0250 There was watching and hanging out, and resting and photographing.

IMG_0245 IMG_0312 IMG_0371

Yes. Lots of playing!IMG_0370 DSC_0319 New kites and no worries of getting tangled with trees or cables…

IMG_0316 DSC_0323 IMG_0318 IMG_0324 IMG_0330

(…and we noticed that our Portland eyes are not very accustomed to the Idaho sun just yet…)IMG_0336 IMG_0345 IMG_0365IMG_0256IMG_0426

Fun few days visiting grandpa and grammie.

The long way there

We went to visit our family in Idaho this week. We left very early one day and this is what we saw on our way.  This is the (long) pictorial story of our long drive Eastward.  Go get a cup of tea, it gets cold, and it was beautiful.


I fell asleep as we left (and the kids did too) as Mark drove that early morning.  When I woke up, the sun was coming up and the sight was unbelievable.  It always is.             IMG_0039IMG_0040 Oh the colors…


The reds, yellow, oranges, purples, blues, all of them, all at once.IMG_0049 IMG_0050 IMG_0052 IMG_0060

A beautiful sight.


The colors as well as the view outside the window changed as the minutes and hours, passed and we (Mark) kept driving.


From mostly (dark) greens to browns and some greens spread across. IMG_0070 IMG_0072 IMG_0074 IMG_0077 IMG_0078 IMG_0079 IMG_0084 IMG_0087

As we passed the Blues Mountains, reaching the summit, there was this thin white blanket that made the view outside our windows almost magical. Just a dust of white as a cake is sprinkled with powder sugar for accent and a delicate touch, barely covering the grounds for few miles.  And we could feel the chill in the air.  I love that cold air coming through your face, knowing we were warming up soon.

IMG_0088 IMG_0093 IMG_0094 IMG_0058

We left our house what it felt like the middle of the night.  So the kids were in PJ’s until we stopped on our regular spot for a break.

IMG_0101 IMG_0104

Usually is lunch time by the time we get here… almost half way our destination.  But this time it was not even 9am. The park was closed for the season, and it was freezing outside.  A much different sight when we do this in the summer and it’s lunch time.  So this time was a quick breakfast stop and we kept on going in the warmth of our car.

IMG_0117 We saw snow in the distance, almost the rest of the way, as we headed East.

IMG_0120The sky opened, turning to a huge blue and white and gray ocean above and ahead, and all around us.

IMG_0128 IMG_0129IMG_0114 One of the things I look forward to in this drive, is seeing these white giants.

IMG_0125 At 70 mph (in Oregon) this time, made the trip a whole lot faster.

IMG_0119This new road trip-project had a great start.  With a planned 10-hour trip each way, I was excited to get all that time for knitting. As long as Mark was happy driving.  Which he did.

IMG_0123I had some time to play with our new camera too.  A small, lighter one to carry around in the purse or pocket, which I left handy and used for all these photos.  (I am happy how they turned out, but I think I should read the manual to know exactly how it works and not be surprised at what is happening while pressing the button!  Oh… details.)

IMG_0130 IMG_0134 IMG_0136 IMG_0138 IMG_0139 IMG_0140 IMG_0141 IMG_0143 IMG_0148 IMG_0149

Sharing a book on tape I love hearing them laugh at unison, but not being able to hear what the story is all about.  It makes me smile every time.IMG_0155 IMG_0157

The Snake River.  The dessert.  The cement plant. The windmills.  The vast land.  The undulating hills.  The long road.  All are part of what will be our memories of this trip, this time around.  Each time different, at different stages of our lives.  This time, its own chapter, I know.IMG_0158IMG_0164 IMG_0167Lucas’s car game.

IMG_0162My knitting growing with each minute that Mark drove us East.  So thankful for this time.

IMG_0163 Music.  Audiobooks.  Conversations.  News.  Snores.  Silence.  Sleepy eyes. Closed eyes.  Open eyes.  Questions.  Answers.  Jokes.  Memories.  Laughs.  Stories.


Cities. Towns. Farms. Mills. Sugar factories. Car lots.  New cars. Old cars. Tractors.  Snow.  Sand.  Pebbles.  Shacks.  Homes. Cabins. 18-wheelers. Corvettes.  Trucks.  Mini Coopers.  Trees.  Rivers.  Sage brush.  Plantations.  Bridges.


Greens. Grays. Blues. Blacks. Grays. Reds. Yellows. Sun. Clouds. Rain. Snow flakes. Clear skies. Wind. Calmness.


Freeways.  Highways.  Exits. Turns.  Straights.  Rest areas.  Gas stations.  Parks. Restrooms.  Road side stop. Dirt roads.

IMG_0171 IMG_0177 IMG_0180 IMG_0183 IMG_0185 IMG_0186 IMG_0194 IMG_0199 IMG_0201 IMG_0211 IMG_0212

Turn after turn.  Hill after hill. Snow.  Vastness. IMG_0213 IMG_0215 IMG_0216 IMG_0221 IMG_0222 IMG_0219 IMG_0225 IMG_0236 IMG_0237

And the snow is sparse but the air is fresh and thin and very large. IMG_0238 IMG_0240

And right up on the edge of these mountains, we arrived to the first stop in our visit.


It didn’t rain this morning.

After reading the book Pirates Past Noon, from the Magic Tree House series, we have two young pirates. We’ve had them before, but this time they were in a ship, heading north.

And for a house without guns, I can’t stop loving this makeshift pistol (or something or other) he’s made out of some part of an old barrel we found I don’t know where. And you never know when you’ll need a jump rope.

And of course, don’t forget the crafting table!