These are some of the books we read and liked about India, that we read before or after our stay in India in 2011.  You can read and see lots of pictures and posts about the 5 months we lived in India, while Mark was on a Fulbright Exchange program, by searching India, or going to the India category on the sidebar.  There are lots and lots of posts and stories and friends we met while living there during those months, an experience and amazing family adventure we will never forget.

Also, a fun video that the kids really liked, and that it was fun to watch before heading on our adventure, was Families of India.

While living in India I put a list of the birds and animals we saw in India.  Now after 4 years since living there, I feel I can change it and add it to this post, because I still want to make sure we remember all the animals and numbers (of what we could keep track of) that we saw while on our 5-month adventure.

The Birds of India (that we saw and were able to identify):

Animals of India (in parenthesis the approximate number that we saw):