It is forbidden

My mom shared this poem with me yesterday.

It is forbidden to cry without learning,
to wake up one day not knowing what to do,
to be afraid of your memories.

It is forbidden not to smile at problems,
not to fight for what you want,
to abandon everything because of fear,
not to transform your deams into reality.

It is forbidden not to show your love,
to make someone pay for your debts and your bad mood.

It is forbidden to leave your friends,
not to try to understand what you lived & shared together,
to call them only when you need them.

It is forbidden not to be yourself in public,
to feign with people you don’t care about,
to fake being funny just to make them remember you,
to forget all the people who love you.

It is forbidden not to make things by yourself,
not to believe in God and forge your fate,
to be afraid of life and its engagements,
not to live each day like it was your last.

It is forbidden to miss someone without
cheering, to forget his eyes, his smile,
just because your paths stopped being embraced,
to forget his past and pay it with his present.

It is forbidden not to try to understand people,
to think that their lives are more valuable than yours,
not to know that each person has his own ways and his own happiness.

It is forbidden not to create your history,
not to have a moment for the people who need you,
not to understand that whatever life gives you, it takes it away as well.

It is forbidden not to search for your happiness,
not to live your life with a positive attitude,
not to think that we can be better,
not to feel that, without you, this world wouldn’t be the same.

— Pablo Neruda.
Not sure the link to the original photo. I’m still searching but it’s in few places online. A beautiful statue.

This statue in Lithuania of Pablo Neruda is called “Star Sower.” During the day is what you see here.  See here below to see the statue at night.

Queda prohibido llorar sin aprender,
levantarte un día sin saber que hacer,
tener miedo a tus recuerdos.

Queda prohibido no sonreír a los problemas,
no luchar por lo que quieres,
abandonarlo todo por miedo,
no convertir en realidad tus sueños.

Queda prohibido no demostrar tu amor,
hacer que alguien pague tus deudas y el mal humor.

Queda prohibido dejar a tus amigos,
no intentar comprender lo que vivieron juntos,
llamarles solo cuando los necesitas.

Queda prohibido no ser tú ante la gente,
fingir ante las personas que no te importan,
hacerte el gracioso con tal de que te recuerden,
olvidar a toda la gente que te quiere.

Queda prohibido no hacer las cosas por ti mismo,
tener miedo a la vida y a sus compromisos,
no vivir cada día como si fuera un ultimo suspiro.

Queda prohibido echar a alguien de menos sin alegrarte, olvidar sus ojos, su risa, todo porque sus caminos han dejado de abrazarse,
olvidar su pasado y pagarlo con su presente.

Queda prohibido no intentar comprender a las personas, pensar que sus vidas valen mas que la tuya,
no saber que cada uno tiene su camino y su dicha.

Queda prohibido no crear tu historia,
no tener un momento para la gente que te necesita,
no comprender que lo que la vida te da, también te lo quita.

Queda prohibido no buscar tu felicidad,
no vivir tu vida con una actitud positiva,
no pensar en que podemos ser mejores,
no sentir que sin ti este mundo no sería igual.

–Pablo Neruda
I think the original link is to Morfai.

Have a beautiful weekend.

A bell across the world

The sound of this bell, the motion of swaying the bell, the cold air, the sun, the mountain view… it reminded me of a bell we heard in India last year.

Half way across the world from where we stand right now, I was taken back, up in the foothills of the Himalayas in a split second.  At the same time when the landscape, the sounds, and the sights are so very different.

Is there such a thing as learning too quickly?


Lucas has listened to Siena’s skiing stories for a couple of years.  He didn’t want to learn to ski when Siena did a couple of years ago, he just wanted to hang out on the snow and play.  Which was just fine.


But this time, he was ready.

DSCN4725-smallOur friend Jeremy did all the teaching. He’s amazing!

Lucas picked it up so quickly, than before an hour of learning, he was getting on the little lift to go down a hill already…DSCN4670-small

Not only did Jeremy teach him great skills, he supported him and went along side with him for most of the day.  It was so much fun, Lucas was excited.


And Mark of course was there too.

DSCN4673-smallRight next to him, now, on the bigger lift to the bigger hill.

DSCN4677-small DSCN4721-small


My heart was pounding!  A mix of feelings.  Something about having Lucas on his second or third hour of having been on skis in the mountain, now on a very tall hill, and me trying to do the same, way, way behind, up in the hill, going very, very slowly.

But this littler guy of ours, not only did he follow on his sister’s amazing (skiing) steps, he’s fearless and has perseverance.

DSCN4752-small DSCN4762-small

And because I didn’t go to the really big hill, I asked Siena to pose for me… (never mind the coolers in the back)… she had a blast too.  Her first time back in skis after a couple of years break.


DSCN4771-smallAnd while most of us where tired after a fun day of skiing …

DSCN4775-smallsome of us, still had loads of energy!


Thank you our dear friends for a fun and incredible weekend.

The Art Museum : the masks + bags

Masks from different tribes of the Pacific NW Coast and Arctic.


This one is the one that Lucas made from the Masks book we’ve been using.  It’s a mask from the Yup’ik Tribe from 1900.  Made of wood, feathers, paint and sinew.

DSC_0101-small DSC_0109-small DSC_0110-smallMasks made out of whale bone.

DSC_0111-small DSC_0186-small


I also found these bags and boxes so beautiful.  Something I would love to have at home, wouldn’t you?

DSC_0134-small DSC_0135-small DSC_0136-smallThese are from the Lakota tribe, also all from 1900, made of leather, rawhide, paint.

Just beautiful!


Spring cleaning

If it’s not spring yet, does this count as spring cleaning anyways?  I guess the calendar says it is…

DSC_0218-small DSC_0219-small

Or whatever it’s called, I’m glad I gave myself that afternoon the other day and got all that fabric out and went through it.


Had a big bag to donate.  Some other piles of projects that I’m working on.  Another one of projects I should finish because it’s been over a year without touching them.  Another one of fabrics I want to use for a specific project I have in mind and want to get started soon.

DSC_0221-small DSC_0222-small DSC_0223-small

It’s nice to have a much better looking and organized shelf.   At least to me anyways!

DSC_0035-small DSC_0036-small

I can walk pass it and take a deep breathe.  Maybe it’s just the relief that I didn’t get trapped by falling piles of fabric.

A day of skiing


After a fun day of cross country skiing we woke up to another beautiful, gorgeous winter day!


Oh the drive… isn’t this place just beautiful?

DSC_0153-small DSC_0156-smallMt Reinier in the background.


DSCN4764-smallWe arrive at White Pass, Washington, at 4,550 ft high.  Sunny, completely clear skies, perfect temperature, beautiful views, and wonderful company.



DSC_0164-small DSC_0163-small

DSCN4652-smallI put my skis on, but I’m not really sure what to do.  I think this is my 6th time in the snow, in my entire life.  Once 3 years ago.  The other 4 or 5, 25 years ago.  Not my forte, I’d say.


I still enjoy love being out there.DSCN4649-small




So after many runs on the lower, short slopes, I get on the (big) lift and enjoy the view.



DSCN4672-smallMy littlest guy is in the chair in front of me… that’s a beautiful view indeed!

DSCN4701-smallAnd my other little one has grown since the last time I saw her in skis in the mountain… and she totally remembers how to go downhill on these slippery plastic boards…


DSCN4742-smallAnd she’s so happy to be there having fun.


DSCN4699-small I take a break and enjoy the sight.


It is an amazingly beautiful day!  For me, there isn’t much to remember.  For me all is learning.  And I do (learn) every time we get up there.  I don’t really think I’m getting really good at it.  I’m mostly staying away from injuring myself!

DSCN4716-small Hah! But it is so much fun!

Making : A leather pouch

While studying the Native Americans of the Plateau region, we found a fun project to make.


A Shoshone Leather Pouch that now I don’t remember from which book I took the idea.  I think it was from this Shoshone book.


I bought some thin leather pieces we could work with for the first time.  It turned out perfect for this project.  I’m wondering if it will work out good for the moccasins we are planning on making.

DSC_0002-small DSC_0003-small

Lucas had a little harder time than Siena in sewing his two pieces together, but he got it done and was proud to have finished his own little pouch.

DSC_0004-small DSC_0006-small

They turned out great.


Let’s be awesome

The other day I was looking at Powell’s Books events calendar and saw one that caught my eye. How to Travel the World in $50 a day: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter by Matt Kepnes. It sounds like a great book, I’m going to have to check it out.

After only a couple of months back from our trip to India last year, Siena said one day during dinner, ” We should go to Chile now or go somewhere.”  Back then, I wasn’t ready to travel just yet, and I don’t think Lucas or Mark were either, by the immediate response.  But Siena was, and I loved it.  Both Mark and I have traveled a little and we knew that one can get that ‘travel bug’, of keep wanting to go visit places. To keep traveling.

I know Chile is more known for us, and it’s an ‘easy’ travel comparatively speaking, and after our trip to India, it was a ‘safe’ continuation in Siena’s mind, probably.  But still, I wasn’t ready to go back out into the bigger world just yet.

But now, a year later, I am ready.  I could go live somewhere else again for few months. Six months, eight months.  A year still seems a little too much taking so many things into consideration, but few months I can totally do.

The idea of going somewhere new, getting to see new people, new places, new sights, new music, new cultures, new art… everything new and different fills me with happiness and excitement again.  I might need to talk to my family before I plan anything about this though!

I wonder where we should go next. Sounds like fun to even just think about it!  Not that we can afford it yet, but so much fun to think about.  Dreaming is a great thing and it’s free!

So I went to check Matt’s travel blog, after I read about him on the website with his new book.  He has lots of fun stories… But there’s one blog post that caught my eye from this week.  Why Travel Makes You Awesome.  It’s a great post! You should check it out. And it has this great video from Kid President.  Check it out.

Let’s make something awesome today! … and maybe get started on planning a trip!