The last game

Our first baseball season ended.  It ended with a very happy player, filled with energy, new skills and mostly new friends.

The three of us dressed with our red Red Rockets t-shirt, ready for the game.  The weather was mixed, with clouds, some sunshine and some rain, and very cold.  It felt like March.  But that didn’t stop anybody.

Family and friends were sitting on the side of the field, bundled up with coats, hats and blankets. But we were there for our little players.

Lucas was so happy because he had a whole area of the side of the field with fans.  Fourteen friends came to watch him play.  It was so cute. It was great!  Friends came to see his last game despite the winter-like weather.  He couldn’t be happier.  He’d check in with us after each play.  He was so happy we were there for him.  it made my heart swell.

The players were ready to play. Excited. Lucas was as happy as every day he had a game. But that day, even more so.  He started as a catcher, so Mark helped him get ready with all the gear that a baseball catcher needs.

Moments like these… seeing Mark watch and help Lucas’s games, makes me think if he ever dreamed of helping coach his own son’s games.  Or what it was like when he was growing up, Lucas’s age, when it was him in the field, as Lucas is right now.  I want to remember this sight forever.

And this sight.

And this.

Lucas’s face. Beaming! Just like Siena. He smiles the whole time.  Each game.  The whole season.

He had so much fun that day. And really, the whole season was a dream come true for him.

To a great snack party, celebrating the end of the season.

Though I think the baseball season was too short in Lucas’s eyes, he was excited the whole time, ready to play, and taking everything in.  He learned a great deal about the game and about himself.  He grew up so much.  It was a beautiful start, for what I see many more baseball seasons to come.

:: this moment ::

A beautiful and fun Friday ritual. Inspired by SouleMama.

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. – Amanda Soule


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Brother love

For Siena’s birthday Lucas had a plan.

The day we were downtown at the Starlight Parade, Lucas and Mark went to Powell’s Bookstore while we waited.  I guess Lucas found this book in the shelf there.

He asked Mark what it was about, and thought it would be perfect for Siena.  He asked Mark to buy it the next day.  And he’s kept it a secret, although it was very hard to do, for all these weeks.

And together with Papá he made a card for Siena too.  This is how it went.

And he said. “There’s no Panda Heroes in the book, maybe that will be you!”

And so you know why they were laughing… this is Lucas’s card.

10 times around the sun

Two digits. Siena has been saying ‘she’s almost 10’ since last year, a long time ago.  She’s been waiting. And now she’s 10. Ten. T- E – N!

Yesterday morning, around 6:30am, 1o years ago, she was born here in Portland.  We didn’t know if she was going to be a boy or a girl.  We were waiting to see, and I remember like it was yesterday the days at the hospital with all its crazy-ness and stressful moments.  And even more beautiful the day she arrived and we held her close for the first time.  This day.  Ten years ago.

Like it was yesterday.

And come see how much she’s grown up.






Turning 7.  The Fairy Party.


Turning 8.  The Art Party.

Crazy how fast the time goes by.


Turning 9. Panda Party, last year.

In India at the Taj Mahal.  A dream come true.


Photo by Mark.

Yes.  You are ten now, my little one.  You’ve grown so much.  And we celebrated today.

Remembering the last ten years in our lives.  With you.

You talked to grandparents and friends. Phone is great, but I must admit Skype is very great as well too.  It makes the world seem much smaller!  Perfect for when you have friends and family and grandparents living in other country across the world.

We went swimming (appropriate to her day) to a new place with huge slides, a waves pool, lap swimming… lots and lots of fun.  Just minutes away from home, but we’ve never been before, and today was the perfect day to check it out.  Note: Just to clarify, this picture above is not of us at the pool, it’s just to remind us of the fun time we had at the Aquatic Center.

And then we got home to celebrate with two very special friends over dinner with us.

10 candles to celebrate the 10 years. Candles made by Lucas and Siena.  Candle holders made by Lucas.

Fresh flowers for the birthday girl brought by our friends.

Fresh salad from our garden.

Papá’s mac n’ cheese ordered by the birthday girl, few weeks in advance.

And Papá’s homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie.  Good it was a cold evening last night, to have the oven on for a while.

And great company.

With an original poem dedicated to our birthday girl.

And a delicious ice cream.

A special evening indeed, together.

Mu little girl is growing right in front of our eyes and she’s such a beautiful person.  I feel lucky to share my life with her.

And it’s not a complete day without art.

Happy Beautiful Birthday.  Thank you for teaching me so much.  I love you a lot too.

A special gesture

Few days before Lucas’s last game, two of his older friends gave him their too-small-for -them baseball pants.  It was a very special gesture, that Lucas treasures.  It’s a mix of having new pants to wear (even though might be a little too big), but most importantly it’s because they were worn by his older friends he looks up to, and they play baseball as well.  For my little guy, it’s a very special thing.

And of course, in my family, there’s no special moment that goes by without being captured by photographs.

A photo shoot was in order.

Showing off skills, poses, and of course, asked to smile by his Mamá.

Few days later, as we ended the last game, snacks where shared and it was Lucas’s turn.  As he was wearing his new (to him) bigger baseball pants, he made sure his old (smaller) pants were washed and as clean as this Mamá can get them, to do his own special gesture.

Lucas had thought about passing his older pants to his own friend for a while.  He just had been waiting to grow out of them.

We have two more very happy friends, with new (to them) baseball pants!

Another photo shoot on the spot, of course.

With all the gear of course.  They are so happy.  Look at how cute they look!

Strawberry picking + making

Last week we went to pick strawberries at a local farm.

I think this year, brings the best tasting strawberries I’ve tried in a long time!

We tried the raspberries.

While the bees are enjoying this stage of the plants, us (humans), at least, they are not quite ready yet.  We’ll come back for those.

Though we did find a few to try.

And as you can see Lucas…

he couldn’t stop eating the strawberries we had just picked.

They were that good!


With my grandma’s knife still working after more than 25 years that I’ve owned it, it’s still helping us in our kitchen, half a world around, many decades later. I wonder how many strawberries she hulled with it.

And with more berries that we could eat, we had a long couple of days preserving them.  But on our picking day, Papá’s Day, I made that Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble from Smitten Kitchen… I’m still thinking about it and wishing for more berries to make it again.  It was that good.

Spring cleaning

We decided to clean up our boxes.  You know, those boxes from the basement and the attic or the back in the closet.  Those boxes we’ve had around for a long time.  They’ve been moved from the basement to the attic. Back to the basement, to the back of the closet, and up again.

Those boxes filled with stuff.  Stuff we don’t know what to do with. Stuff we don’t want to get rid of, but nobody really uses anything from them. Those things that bring us memories.  Those we kept.  But those things that we didn’t really need, those we put out for a new home, for someone to finally use again.  And it was fun.

And so did 6 other family friends.

We had so much.  We found each other’s treasures.

And Siena and Lucas brought all their goods too to sell and save the money for their donation to the pandas and penguins.

Oh… and look at these buttons…

They’ve been making them in preparation for the garage sale for weeks. They found the branches, cut them, used a drill, sanded them, one by one. They’ve done so much work. With blisters in their hands, their faces red from hard work many days, but with two happy kids, working together, for their cause.

They were so excited to have this basket filled with these beautiful recycled buttons.  I love them all.  We have an idea.  We’ll share it soon.

Schwenke y Nilo

Remembering Nelson Schwenke : by Jeckillson

Remembering one of my favorite groups of music I grew up listening in Chile, Schwenke & Nilo.  All through high school and college and even living here in the US, I’ve carried my old CDs, trying to keep a little bit of Chile in the place I call home, now.

Singer Nelson Schwenke passed away today after a car accident in Santiago, Chile at 55 years of age.  My thoughts are with his family and his partner in singing.  We have lots to remember him for.

In a beautiful video I can hear his voice and see a little of beautiful southern Chile.  Just like in Valdivia, Portland is raining right now.

Buen viaje.

:: this moment ::

A beautiful and fun Friday ritual. Inspired by SouleMama.

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. – Amanda Soule

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