maybe what the planet needs…

“The planet does not need more ‘successful people’. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” ~H.H.The Dalai Lama

DSC_0157-small DSC_0150-small DSC_0150-small plants    DSC_0015-smallDSC_0453-small DSC_0445- small lightDSC_0150-smallDSC_0454-smallDSC_0504-small DSC_0154-smallDSC_0245-small woman working DSC_0158-smallDSC_0504-small DSC_0156-small DSC_0300-small sunsetDSC_0045-smallDSC_0300-small DSC_0300-small DSC_0300-small DSCN0300-small

DSC_0645 copy DSC_0453-smallDSC_0509-small DSC_0504-small DSC_0150-small DSC_0501-small DSC_0250-small DSC_0350-smallDSC_0145-small DSC_0245-small DSC_0453-small light DSC_0445-small DSC_0455-small DSC_0445-small DSC_0455-small DSC_0456-small kids DSC_0245-small DSC_0454-small DSC_0245-small DSCN0455-small DSC_0345-smallDSC_0300-small DSC_0300-small

These are all photos taken by me.  They remind me of places, far away ones, and closer to home.  They remind me of family and loved ones, and of new friends and people we never had the chance to meet, in places far, far away.

These are photos of nature and places discovered by my family.  Traveled and adventured in the world in hope to bring awareness to each one of us, of all the differences, all the similarities, that there are in this wonderful, beautiful world we live in and share.

Some of these adventures were in hope to restore and heal and most of all, in hope to make our own stories.   Hoping also, to grow up as a caring world citizen and make this planet part of our lives, part of our stories.  Because maybe, it is when we’ve experienced things, places, people, we will care more about them and about each other.

Chester, Cheshire in England : Part 3 : the Roman Village

There is remnants everywhere, and I am sure we didn’t notice it all.

DSC_0019 copyHistorians, guides, teachers, students, always someone sharing something new, stories from thousands of years ago.

DSC_0031 copy DSC_0034 copyWalking through walls built so long ago that is hard to even imagine.

DSC_0039 copyUp through some stairs, to these Rows.

DSC_0052 copyDSC_0043 copyCovered walkways in the main streets of Chester, are in the first floors where there are stores as well.  DSC_0041 copy DSC_0044 copyOverlooking the street.

DSC_0051 copy

DSC_0026 copyEastgate and the Eastgate clock in Chester, is the original entrance to the old Roman fortress Deva Victrix, formed in the year 74 AD.

DSC_0167 copy DSC_0169 copyChester City Walls built to protect the city of Chester, started by the Romans, made out of sandstone. DSC_0172 copyChester Castle from far away.  For another visit, it will have to be.

dinner with old friends

I wrote about Mark going to visit Ellesmere College in Shropshire, England, while we were visiting there last June.  The day Mark went to see the school and hung out with another Physics teacher, he also met two students he had met, and that he had, while he was teaching in India, at Scindia School.

DSC_0316 copy

DSC_0318 copy

Ros, invited these students over for dinner.  They remembered Lucas and Siena (and us) but that was three years ago.  I’m thinking Lucas was probably wearing the same shirt though…. he owns like 5 of these same ones (different sizes), of the soccer team from Chile, because their Oma and Tata sent him a few.  Yes, Lucas’s request.

DSC_0370 copyYup! Here’s one.  Three years ago. In India, also with Ros and our friend Sujata.  Oh wow… I love looking at our photos from India.  The kids were so small they seem so much bigger now.  I guess Lucas will be the same age than Siena was when we arrived in India. Crazy!

DSC_0320 copy

Anyways.  Mac and Ros invited our old (young) friends from Scindia and prepared an Indian dinner.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the plates… oh it was so good! DSC_0325 copy DSC_0327 copyThe kids all helped make chapatis.  DSC_0336 copy DSC_0339 copyIt makes me think we need to make some now at home.  They turned out so good! DSC_0330 copy DSC_0333 copy DSC_0334 copyAnd we all had fun making them. DSC_0340 copyYum!

DSC_0315 copyAnd of course, there was playing outside too.

DSC_0342 copy DSC_0344 copy DSC_0345 copyHere we are all together.  As if we were all in India again…. only not as hot I guess.  Thank you for another beautiful evening, and for more memories.

Ellesmere College, England


Ellesmere College is a private (that is independent, but it’s called “public” in England) high school. It is where our friend used to work, and where Mark visited for a day while we were in England.

Ros organized a visit for Mark to the school with a physics teacher.  So Mark got to hang out with him for a whole day, visiting the school, different science classes, attend physics class, have lunch at the school, and check out a school somewhere other than home.

DSC_0277-small DSC_0269-small

He had fun.  One of the great moments of that day, was in the morning, at their assembly, while he was sitting down listening, when he saw a kid he thought he had met in his classroom when he was teaching in India, three years ago.  He thought about it, and didn’t give it much thought.  Right?  What were the chances…

Until after the assembly this student came to Mark and said Hello.  Yup!  That was the same student he had in his physics class at Scindia School (in Gwalior, India) three years ago.  To say the least, they were both shocked to have met again randomly in a foreign country for both of them, half the world across from their own home.  What a treat it was.  Though Ellesmere College has students visit from Scindia periodically, it is pretty lucky for Mark that he would get to see an old student of his from his short stay as a visiting teacher in India.  It all makes the world seem so small.

DSC_0270-small DSC_0271-small DSC_0272-small DSC_0278-small

DSC_0279-smallA beautiful campus.  The buildings, oh my.  I wish I could have seen them without these scaffoldings.  But even so… beautiful!

DSC_0282-small DSC_0281-smallPracticing Cricket.  We were planning on going to see a game the following day, but it was rained out. So it’s going to have to be on our next trip.


off we go…

We’ve been planning and saving and working on this summer’s vacation for years.  For many years, we’ve been saving a little here and there for ‘a trip’.  We then had the chance to go to India.  And that was a trip and an amazing adventure we will never forget and feel so lucky to have lived together as a family.


Since then we changed the way we started saving for the trip. We started a different account that it had all those saved pennies, so we could see the account grow, and know when we had enough for the trip.  Otherwise, as it had happened until then, the saved money for the trip was mixed with our savings account, and very hard to take it out for something non-urgent, for something fun once there.


But now we had enough for the trip. 



We saved, sold our handmade goods in the winter fairs for few years now, cleaned our home and toys and books in an annual garage sale, saved money in any way we could, so we could do this trip.  We were all ready for another adventure.  We are ready for a trip. 

DSCN5758-small DSCN5765-small DSCN5766-small DSCN5757-small DSCN5796-small DSCN5785-small



It is a very special trip.  We came to England to see friends we had met in India and we had in our home last year.



And oh my… what an adventure we’ve begun.  I will share here as I can.  I started this blog 3 years ago because of our trip to Chile and then to India.  Again this time, I don’t want us to forget our days in this new adventure.  An amazing one so far.




total lunar eclipse + the blood moon

I’m up late tonight.  I wanted to stay up to watch the total moon eclipse.  I love watching the moon.  I enjoy knowing its cycle, it amazes me every time how nature does its thing and it has done it for thousands of years, no matter if I look up at the sky or not.  It happens.  So much is known now a days, but how incredible it is.

We were reading earlier today, how the aztec’s had a lunar calendar and how they made sense of it, and how in tuned with nature they were.  It makes sense. Tonight, as the night progressed, the clouds appeared.  Then they disappeared.

My plan of waking everyone up to see the eclipse and the blood moon was turning just into a late bed time for me.  But one more check before going to bed, and the skies were clear. The moon had started to get dark.  I waited a little longer.  The moon was almost half dark.  Then almost all of it.   That’s when I woke Mark up and the kids.

We were all watching from the room upstairs until the moon was completely dark, and it had a reddish halo.  The kids were ready to keep sleeping.  So was Mark.  I am ready to go to bed too.

Photo from
Photo from

I didn’t see it this red (as in this photo I found online), but what an amazing event it is.  It is still happening.  A nature’s show.  And you know the most exciting thing to me is? Knowing there are so many people out there watching the same amazing moon right now.

I wonder if my parents or my nieces and nephews are watching this, at this same moment, all the way down in Chile? A gathering of sorts around nature, around the globe.  Beautiful.

One more look before I head to bed, and the clouds now have appeared as a veil over the moon closing the show for the evening.

:: On Traveling to Beautiful Places ::

DSCN2733-small DSC_0233-small

Today, two years ago, we came back home after five months of an amazing adventure we took as a family.  Not everything was pretty or fun or amazing.  But sometimes it was all of these, at the same time.  But most of all, it is unforgettable.


cropped-dsc_0287-small1.jpg DSC_0187-small DSCN1787-small DSC_0187-small DSC_0087-small DSC_0187-small DSC_0187-small DSCN2387-small


We talk about our days in India almost every single day.  And we have realized we are forgetting some of the details, and some of the names, and some of the little Hindi we learned. We don’t want to forget.  We want it to be present, because it has shaped our lives in a way we will never really know.  But no matter what, we are here today, with photos, memories, new friends, and many stories that we have been recalling to make sure we are still there, too.

DSC_0133-small DSC_0733-small DSC_0833-small DSC_0733-small DSC_0330-small DSC_0133-small DSC_0033-small

Every day I’m still looking for God

and I’m still finding him everywhere,

in the dust, in the flowerbeds.

Certainly in the oceans, in the islands that lay in the distance

continents of ice, countries of sand

each with its own set of creatures

and God, by whatever name.

How perfect to be aboard a ship with

maybe a hundred years still in my pocket.

But it’s late, for all of us,

and in the truth the only ship there is

is the ship we are all on

burning the world as we go.

—-Mary Oliver, from her book of poems A Thousand Mornings.

DSC_0332-small DSC_0033-small DSC_0335-small

DSC_0202-small DSC_0206-small DSC_0020-small

Photo by Yuvraj
Photo by Yuvraj

DSC_0207-small DSC_0720-small DSC_0120 DSC_0206-small DSC_0203-small DSC_0220-small cropped-dsc_0535-small.jpg cropped-dsc_0035-small2.jpg DSC_0020-small cropped-dscn0987-small1.jpg dsc_0048-small2.jpg

The Greek Festival


It’s been a couple of weekends ago now, we went to the Greek Festival here in Portland.  It was held at the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral.

DSC_0022-small DSC_0023-small DSC_0027-small DSC_0030-small

It’s the first time we’ve been there, and we thought since we’ve been studying Ancient Greece (now on our fall break while the grandparents are visiting from Chile… I love homeschooling) it was a good idea to go check it out.



It was so busy!  it was one of the first sunny days we’ve had in a while, and I think everyone was outside getting some of that sunshine.

DSC_0001-small DSC_0003-smallThere was a dance.  And some games for the kids too.  Siena and Lucas won a goldfish each.  So now, we have them at home in a little aquarium.

DSC_0014-smallBut the food.  Oh… the food.

DSC_0013-smallThere were maybe 12 of these lamb barbecuing.  It reminded me of Chilean’s asados. And even though these look so good (if you are not vegetarian I guess) we couldn’t wait in line for an hour to get a taste. So we headed to the other food stands, and I’m glad too!

DSC_0006-small DSC_0007-smallAnd because you should always start with desserts, we went there first.  To try Loukoumades, I think they are called.

DSC_0009-small DSC_0010-small

Not a low fat dessert… they are deep fried.



And then, we had lunch.

DSC_0017-small DSC_0016-small DSC_0018-small


And then we had dessert (again!)


DSC_0034-smallAnd took some home for… third dessert!  Is that wrong?

DSC_0037-smallSaw olives as they ripe in the trees.


And some clothes and souvenirs from Greece and from the festival.

Oh… all the food was so good!  If you noticed in the photos above, they all have fingers eating from the plates, or half eaten foods already that I barely got to take pictures of before they were scarfed down!

DSC_0039-smallAnd even though we bought three tickets for the raffle and didn’t win the trip to Greece for two people (I should double check and call them to see if we did win, don’t you think?) I think we are going back next year!






There’s always room for more

I’ve been thinking and reading about our first days in India.  I’m glad I wrote this blog and posted the pictures.  At times, I miss the excitement and all most of the feelings and sights and experiences we had.  An amazing adventure we still remember each day, in one way or another.

I found this page with photos that reminded me of what we saw in India.

A motorcyclist carries six children on their way back home from school

A motorcyclist carries six children on their way back home from school at Greater Noida in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, in September 2010. (Parivartan Sharma/Reuters)

An Indian man carries a swarm of colourful plastic balls on his bicycle

An Indian man carries a swarm of colourful plastic balls on his bicycle in the northern Indian city of Lucknow in February 2006. (Pawan Kumar/Reuters.)