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a party

We had a great party to celebrate Siena turning 13 few weeks a month ago (time flies.) We watched a movie. Had milkshakes. Decorated a cake.  Two cakes. Siena and her friends had a lot of fun. They had their coach, the … Continue reading

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backyard fixin’

We love hanging out in our backyard.  It is my favorite spot in the summer, and in the fall too. But I can say also, so it is in the spring where we can see everything starting to come back … Continue reading

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Another party at the lake

  We arrived at the lake Friday evening, after a fun afternoon seeing new places.         We’ve been lucky to celebrate with our friends, 9 of the 13 birthdays.  We met when our oldest ones were 4, and … Continue reading

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Canoeing in the Willamette

Last week we went on a tour of the Willamette River here in Portland, with the great folks of the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership.  It wasn’t a long trip nor far, just a couple of hours, with lunch in the … Continue reading

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we found a steam train and didn’t get a puppy

Last weekend we went to our friend’s birthday party that he celebrates camping by the lake.  Because we were there early, we went for a drive to a new place.  To see what we could see. We went on a … Continue reading

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canning tomatoes

Our plants have done so well this year.  I can’t take any credit for the garden this year either, but it’s been fun seeing all the goods coming into our kitchen and into friends’s hands.   Look at this 1-pound … Continue reading

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A new camping spot

Few weeks ago we went camping to a new spot.  Our usual, seemed a little too dry and had a wild fire earlier that made us wondering if that would be a good area to go back to this summer, with no … Continue reading

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