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The beginning of the sauce

A month or so in the making…. (of what we can see!) Just few more months until they are ready for apple sauce!

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This is how Portland gets its name

Portland (Oregon) is called The City of Roses.  And yes, it is a sight worth seeing, each and every spring. We have this small, unkept rose bush, and it flowers every year, and I love seeing that little bit of … Continue reading

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Spring in the second half of this April

Brighter and longer days, sometimes dark and fluffy clouds sprinkling above. Spring skies I call it. More and more time spent outside. All of our Mason Bee homes are almost full.  It is really fun to see them fly around … Continue reading

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Making :: a baby blanket

One of Mark’s co-workers and friend, just became a grandma.  And so I had to make a little baby blanket. I cut up 5×5 squares of flannel. Sewed them together. And ta da! He’s a little boy, so I put … Continue reading

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The playing we usually don’t do

While in Idaho last month we went to this place.  Grandma took us a few years ago, and now it’s the thing we do when we are there. Yes, allowed the Unlimited Fun.  Yes, it is fun, but a different fun … Continue reading

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The coolest storm

When we were in Idaho, we spent some time in Meridian, with Mark’s mom. While we were waiting at a restaurant one evening, we hear and see the coolest thunderstorm I’ve ever seen, I think. I had to go outside … Continue reading

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The sling shots

Two Christmases ago, the kids received a sling shot each, made especially for them by our friend.  She remembered how she made them when she was growing up, and told us the stories of how her and her brothers made them, and … Continue reading

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