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in the kitchen

I did a little cleaning in the kitchen few weeks ago.  I find that winter, January in particular, is a good cleaning and re-arranging month. Not so much decluttering here in this room just yet,  I am still enjoying and … Continue reading

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State times

A second is not that quick as I’ve learned.  Half a second even, or tenths of a second… it’s hard to do.  Harder than it seems at least. Siena has been trying to reach state times, since she learned she … Continue reading

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30 years, depending on how you count

We celebrated together, another year together.   A fun dinner after a busy day. Some cheese fondue. And chocolate too.  We’ve changed and learned and grown up so much in all these years together.  As a couple, as adults, as parents, … Continue reading

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A sample of what the swim meet was like this weekend

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Last few weeks…

… we opened an Etsy shop!  We’ve had it for a while, not really updating it or making it work very well, but this time Siena is in charge and it’s been much more fun. … my mom sent me … Continue reading

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A winter walk and some reminders

I’ve said it before, and I say it almost every day, I love where we live. And I love the rain too.  It makes where we live, the beautiful place it is.  I am glad I took my camera. We … Continue reading

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The other Paris quilts

As I was making our Paris quilt, Siena asked me to make her one too.  I found a few Paris fabrics that were a little brighter colors, and she fell in love with them.  Lucas was right there also, asking … Continue reading

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