This year we found ourselves celebrating it in our own ways.

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Cards were made.


Siena made gnocchi, with the last of our frozen nettle.  And I made tried to make and failed in getting it right, strawberries covered in chocolate.  But nothing wrong with eating chocolate and strawberries separate from each other, right?

Hope you had a good weekend too.

Making : Valentines + cake + more

We’ve been making lots of things lately. I don’t know if it’s the time of the year, the weather, or having missed the pre-holiday making by being in India and getting ready to travel back home.  Or maybe it’s all of it.  But I think for us has been that now we are home with all of our tools and supplies and we are excited we can make things any time we want to!

I finished a project I’ve had since last year.

Photo by Siena
Photo by Siena

With my new found friend, Pinterest, I’ve been pinning and enjoying seeing my boards where we can get lots of ideas from.

We loved this garland so much from this blog we had to make our own!

I got this idea from here.

Siena took a cake decorating class.


We tried it and it was shared with our friends and neighbors because it looked so good. And what were we going to do with a whole cake for President’s Day?

It seems that it has been Valentine’s for a long time.  But who doesn’t need hearts around the house?

And I didn’t get a picture of those hearts in the refrigerator and a couple of other places.  It was fun!

We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s, but we got together with some friends, had a nice lunch, some cookies and played for a long time.

And made few Valentine’s. These are Lucas’s.

These are Siena’s.  Then in the evening, we opened our Valentine’s boxes.

Each year,  for few days previous to Valentine’s, we write little love notes to each other and put them inside our boxes.  Notes to say why we love each other.  (We do something similar for Thanksgiving and put the leaves into a small bowl or make it into a Thankful Tree.)  This time, we write reasons we love each other.   They make such a beautiful little notes!

And we read them that night.  A great way to end the day.