Volcán Calbuco … another eruption in Chile

Chile, a country with a desert on one end, snow and rain forest on the other.  A country with many lakes and mountains throughout its length.  A beautiful country.   And with it, seems like there is always the threat of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.   Growing up I remember feeling small earthquakes that we didn’t give much thought or importance.  It’s what we did.  It’s what people do there.

But there are times, the effects are huge.  Look at this video and photos.  Incredible.

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Dream you can

DSC_0289 copy

Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius and magic and power in it.


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“I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.”

— Mary Oliver.

DSC_0136 copyDSC_0119 copy DSC_0124 copy DSC_0129 copy DSC_0143 copy DSC_0145 copy DSC_0151 copy

In Portland, Oregon.


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the landing

DSC_0496 copy DSC_0497 copy DSC_0499 copy DSC_0500 copy DSC_0501 copy DSC_0502 copy DSC_0503 copy DSC_0504 copy DSC_0505 copy DSC_0506 copy DSC_0507 copy DSC_0508 copy DSC_0509 copy DSC_0510 copy DSC_0511 copy

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filled with wonder…


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May your life be like a wildflower, growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day.

–Native American Proverb

DSC_0080 copy

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a walk in Oxford, England

After visiting England for two weeks, being in the Central West region at our friends home in Shropshire, we headed south.



We stopped in Oxford, a place I always wanted to visit.

DSC_0175 copy DSC_0178 copyOh, the buildings.  I love it so much.

DSC_0181 copy DSC_0180 copy DSC_0182 copy DSC_0184 copy DSC_0185 copy DSC_0186 copy DSC_0187 copy“Please do not park bicycles against these railings as they may be removed.”

DSC_0193 copy DSC_0190 copy DSC_0195 copy DSC_0198 copy DSC_0189 copy“No bicycles Please.”

DSC_0200 copy DSC_0202 copy DSC_0199 copy DSC_0365 copy DSC_0205 copy DSC_0363 copy DSC_0371 copy DSC_0368 copy DSC_0366 copy DSC_0373 copy DSC_0376 copyWe stopped for lunch.

DSC_0378 copy DSC_0393 copy DSC_0382 copy DSC_0394 copyAnd then continued our trip on south.  But first one more thing in Oxford, a visit to the Museum that I’ll share here soon.


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