morning walk : tide is low

In the morning the tide was the lowest. So we headed out to the beach.  Little did I know (for not a morning person) what we were going to see.

::: A walk with friends.

::: The sky before the sunrise. A new light (for me at least! 🙂

::: Lots more people walking in this light.

::: Mollusks.
::: Algae.

::: Searching and Finding.

::: Close encounters.

::: A bald eagle.
::: Love.
::: Reflections.
::: Birds.
::: Love.

::: Whole and complete sand dollars.

::: Colors.
::: Peace.
::: Friends.
::: Friends.

spring sights

Still some color left from these camellias.

Azaleas are starting to bloom and to give us more color after so many months of gray and brown.

We can see buds peeking everywhere!

And look at this picture (and Sara’s posting) just made me smile. And how pretty this is . I can get lost looking at all the pretty-ness other crafters and artist do out there… but at the moment, I am enjoying hearing my little people running around out of our doors with old friends and new ones, enjoying the spring air.