looking up

DSC_0175 copy

Have you’ve done that lately?

DSC_0179 copy

The other day it was so bright and blue skies above us, I did just that.

DSC_0178 copy DSC_0176 copy DSC_0183 copy DSC_0180 copy DSC_0185 copy DSC_0239 copy

What a treat!

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under water

Every time my kids have a swim meet, I go all prepared for some picture taking.  My zoom is pretty good, but by no means I can get close ups from where we can sit.  So I try to go closer when they are warming up.  It’s less disruptive, I think.  And I try to stay out of the way of coaches and swimmers.  So I do my best with what I have.

DSC_0252 copy
The pool is quiet when we get there.

DSC_0254 copyThe music starts and the swimmers get in. I head down.

DSC_0258 copyI’m thinking this (photo) is pretty good, I’ll try for another one.

DSC_0261 copy That’s OK.  I guess.

DSC_0262 copy Yup, here’s another one. I’m feeling good. I’m feeling lucky.

DSC_0265 copy DSC_0267 copy DSC_0268 copy DSC_0270 copy

And then I realize, that swimmers are hardly ever out of the water.

DSC_0274 copy DSC_0275 copy DSC_0278 copy DSC_0280 copy That’s not the idea.  I guess.

DSC_0281 copy

Backstroke is a good photo-taking stroke.  If I can get it focused as soon as she turns and she starts slow.

DSC_0282 copy DSC_0284 copy And it’s only good (for photo-taking) when she goes away from me.

DSC_0286 copy DSC_0287 copy Unless she’s touching the wall… which she does underwater anyways!

DSC_0290 copy And then continues underwater as well, after the turn.

DSC_0295 copy

Freestyle, doesn’t work either.

DSC_0294 copy DSC_0299 copy DSC_0319 copyDSC_0325 copy DSC_0326 copy

I think butterfly and breaststroke are the best strokes for photo taking.

DSC_0300 copy DSC_0301 copy DSC_0320 copy DSC_0327 copy DSC_0334 copy

Well, maybe some times.

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pumpkin patch

DSC_0054 copy

On a beautiful sunny, fall day we headed to Sauvies Island with some friends.  It was a no-school day, and we like those, so we can hang out with our friends that go to school.

DSC_0036 copy DSC_0037 copy

Duck racing… who would have thought it was that much fun! DSC_0039 copy DSC_0040 copy

I know… we are growing out of so many games at the pumpkin patch…

DSC_0046 copy DSC_0047 copy DSC_0042 copy

But there’a always ways to have fun, no matter how much our visits have changed since those baby, toddler years.  Still fun. DSC_0051 copy

And even on a week day we got to go on a hay ride to the patch where the pumpkins where growing.  Sometimes farms are not fully “functioning” on week days, but this one it was! and what a treat it was.

I love hay rides.  I remember the first time I went on one, when I was in high school, as an exchange student in  Michigan.  There are no pumpkin farms in Chile, so I enjoyed all the traditions there were from friends and my host family.  Lots of memories.  And of course, all these years of living here now, and the last 13 with these two goofy kids.DSC_0055 copy DSC_0056 copy

And because it is more fun to go with friends, we did.

DSC_0065 copy

Searching for the perfect pumpkin.

DSC_0066 copy DSC_0067 copy DSC_0069 copy DSC_0074 copy Deciding.

DSC_0077 copy

Taking it all in.  The sights. The colors. The cooler weather.  This is my time of the year I love the most.

DSC_0080 copy DSC_0081 copy DSC_0084 copy DSC_0087 copy

Look at the colors!

DSC_0093 copy DSC_0099 copy DSC_0111 copy DSC_0116 copy DSC_0120 copy DSC_0121 copy DSC_0125 copy DSC_0129 copy DSC_0131 copy DSC_0137 copy DSC_0144 copy

And of course.  A corn maze to complete our trip to the farm.

DSC_0145 copy DSC_0146 copy DSC_0152 copy DSC_0159 copy DSC_0151 copy DSC_0147 copy DSC_0154 copy DSC_0156 copyDSC_0044 copy

A day to remember, for sure.

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a fall walk in Oaks Bottom and last minute batting practice

DSC_0208 copy DSC_0212 copy A walk through the park to get to Oaks Bottom.  A beautiful sunny day in November.

DSC_0215 copy DSC_0216 copy DSC_0218 copy Sunny, but barely warm.  The sun is lay in the horizon, even in the middle of the day.

DSC_0213 copy DSC_0217 copy The plants turning brown, drying up, but wet from the rain.

DSC_0220 copy Leaves as a carpet in the forest floor.

DSC_0221 copy DSC_0223 copy DSC_0225 copy DSC_0226 copy DSC_0222 copy DSC_0227 copy DSC_0234 copy The trees and hills turning colors. They keep turning.

DSC_0236 copy DSC_0242 copy DSC_0247 copy DSC_0248 copy DSC_0250 copy DSC_0219 copy DSC_0251 copy DSC_0243 copy


DSC_0249 copy

And why not!  Just find a stick and be lucky to find a tennis ball during the hike and you’ve got a last minute batting practice.

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the carving

DSC_0005 copy Looking for some inspiration.  Pinterest, always at the ready.

DSC_0008 copy Cleaned.

DSC_0006 copyPlanning.

DSC_0013 copy Waiting.

DSC_0014 copyMore inspiration.

DSC_0019 copy We are ready.

DSC_0022 copy There is something inside.

DSC_0032 copy DSC_0030 copy DSC_0025 copy DSC_0034 copy DSC_0038 copy DSC_0029 copy DSC_0040 copy DSC_0041 copy They are coming along.   Sometimes a bigger challenge than we expected.

DSC_0044 copy Sometimes something we haven’t done in years.

DSC_0047 copy DSC_0053 copy DSC_0056 copy DSC_0064 copy But how cute they are when they are all done, and glowing at night.

DSC_0073 copy DSC_0086 copy DSC_0124 copy DSC_0125 copy DSC_0126 copy DSC_0127 copy

Happy carving indeed.

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fall in full fall

DSC_0041 copyThe trees are shaking, shivering.

DSC_0025 copyLaves have fallen.  All over.  It is fall for sure.

DSC_0026 copy DSC_0128 copy

Today the trees are bare.  The rain came and blew the leaves off.  A much needed rain though.  Oh, how I have missed that water.

DSC_0129 copy

The sun shining at times throughout the day, in between rain breaks and barely warming up.  I can feel the sun is heading south, I understand it is their turn now to enjoy.  My mom has been wanting it to warm up down there in Chile, so yes, we’ll take turns.  I’ve had enough of warmth this summer, it’s your turn, thank you.

DSC_0028 copy

But there are days without rain that we are still enjoying a meal outside.  Cuddled together, with long pants and sweaters, it feels good to still be outside.

DSC_0030 copy DSC_0033 copy

Some flowers still blooming and enjoying them for sure. DSC_0040 copy

DSC_0038 copyAnd when the sun does come out, I pay attention to the light.  That warm, delicate light that gives that beautiful warm glow.

DSC_0155 copy

And still try to dry our clothes outside when we can.  But it doesn’t dry much anymore.  It’s mostly for the looks and the feeling and the visual I need for the closure of this cycle of seasons, of spending our days outside.  Now, we are gravitating indoors, with new activities and new projects to keep us busy. I welcome them all happily.  I am ready for this season.  All the sweaters and blankets and warm shawls, hats and socks… oh my.  Knitting and woolens how I love you.  I am ready.

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a natural face

DSC_0101 copy DSC_0104 copy DSC_0105 copy DSC_0106 copy DSC_0108 copy DSC_0109 copy

All natural, I assure you.

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