It seems like all my plans of sewing for the summer, were not completed.  But I am not sure where time went.  I did make things, but seems like the heat made me go much slower. I don’t know.  It’s a good excuse anyways, I can blame the heat for everything, I have no problems with that.

DSC_0002 copy

Lucas’s bow tie for a wedding we went to.  He thought he’d wear it with a friend, that’s why I made two, but he ended up being the one to wear his.  He kept the red one, and he looked so cute and he liked it too.

But let me say a word about bow ties.  Wow. I have never tied one before, and I didn’t think it would be so complicated.  It took me five times longer to tie the bow than to make it! It was suppose to be a bow tie he can tie as we were getting ready, but seriously, after watching a series of youtube videos and webpages on how to do it, as Charles said on this video (I love his accent!) just like magic, it came together.

Not sure I could reproduce it again, I ended up cutting the tie in the back, adding a piece of fabric and a velcro.  Yes sir! velcro saved our lives.  There is no way I can tie it again, so I made some stitches in the front to keep the knot fixed.  Wow… who would have known.

DSC_0084 copy

We made a very large order of new wool felt, and oh…. we are so excited.  Mostly this girl right here.  She’s been making and making all sorts of fun things.  She’s on top of things I need to say.  We are going to attend a couple of craft, holiday fairs this year, and she’s been working all year already.  I need to get my act together and follow her dedication!

DSC_0083 copy DSC_0070 copy

Look at how cute these are….And always, a book on tape… well you know, an audiobook.

for the flags copyThese were the fabrics my friend picked for me to make flags for their wedding.

DSC_0078 copy DSC_0077 copy

It was so much fun.  I used some fabrics she had given me a while back, as she was cleaning her drawers.  I love those friends!  Some fabrics from a friend of theirs he had given to them a long time ago, and now lives apart, I could still use pieces from it.  A special shirt of hers torn too early, looking for a second adventure.

DSC_0076 copy

So much fun to intertwine stories, worlds, lives, friends together, in something special they can use time and time again.

DSC_0079 copy DSC_0084 copy DSC_0089 copyA beautiful celebration.  So very special.

And this card made by Lucas.

DSC_0134 copy

For a friend, another baseball player.   Let’s see what October brings us for making.  I am looking forward to that.

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OFFF : Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

I love going to this Festival.  I try to go every fall, but as anything, it depends what’s happening in our lives and our weekend.  But this time, it worked perfectly, once again.

DSC_0080 copy DSC_0024 copy DSC_0023 copy DSC_0025 copy DSC_0027 copy DSC_0026 copy DSC_0028 copy DSC_0032 copy DSC_0029 copy DSC_0035 copy DSC_0036 copy DSC_0038 copy DSC_0047 copy DSC_0042 copy DSC_0041 copy DSC_0040 copy DSC_0043 copy DSC_0031 copy DSC_0033 copy DSC_0073 copy DSC_0074 copy DSC_0078 copy DSC_0072 copy DSC_0071 copy DSC_0070 copy DSC_0069 copy DSC_0068 copy DSC_0067 copy DSC_0063 copy DSC_0059 copy DSC_0066 copy DSC_0058 copy DSC_0060 copy DSC_0054 copy DSC_0055 copy DSC_0050 copy DSC_0051 copy DSC_0053 copy DSC_0049 copy DSC_0048 copy DSC_0056 copy

It was a day to myself.  I was able to go see every table, once and twice and three times if I wanted to. No hurry to be done or to go onto something else.  Sometimes is good to have a day to oneself.  Homeschooling, it is not often I get to do that, nor is it something I crave often, but I took this day to just do that, be by myself and enjoy the sights and a beautiful afternoon.

DSC_0017 copy

And I bought something I really didn’t need, but have been wanting for quite some time.

DSC_0018 copy

So I bought this yarn bowl.  There were 3 stands with them.  Two with bowls made of ceramics, and I looked at them all.  Touched them, saw the glazes, the twirls and turns.  I even looked at the wooden ones…. oh wow… some day I will graduate to a wooden one, because I just love wood and the warmth and the natural feeling of it.

DSC_0019 copyBut this bowl, won my heart.  I am not sure what I’ll do when I change and be done with my project, because it won’t match anymore.  Well? Maybe I’ll have to get another one to match that one!  Because, yes, you might wonder, one does need to match the yarn bowl to the project.

DSC_0020 copy

I loved all the colors, the textures, the shapes, so much goodness all in one place.  I’m ready to dig into my stash of wool and yarn, and continue with my spinning, and start knitting something warm for the cooler days.  Oh all the possibilities.  A day of inspiration.

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autumn is coming

DSC_0091 copy DSC_0110 copy DSC_0092 copy DSC_0093 copy DSC_0111 copy DSC_0094 copy DSC_0115 copy DSC_0114 copy

DSC_0046 copy DSC_0237 copy DSC_0238 copy DSC_0239 copy

I think I’m ready.

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rediscovering hula hooping

I don’t know about you, but it seems like we’ve always had hula hoops around the house.  For one reason or another and being used in different ways.  They’ve been places to jump on, as a way to form an island and see how many people would fit in, as rings, let’s see if it stays round if we pull on it, you name it, they’ve been used for that.

DSC_0001 copy

And there’s been some used for what they are meant to do.  Hula hooping.

DSC_0002 copy DSC_0113 copy

As of lately and probably because we have new round hula hoops, they’ve been re-discovered.  Maybe because they are finally not too big for them, and still heavy enough that they actually work pretty good.

DSC_0118 copy DSC_0121 copyThey are quickly learning to do tricks.

DSC_0107 copyAlways something new to do with them.

DSC_0106 copy DSC_0109 copy

It always puts a smile in our faces.

DSC_0066 copy

It never fails.

DSC_0108 copy

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in the house

DSC_0007 copyThere’s been lots of cleaning and re-arranging.  I moved the chairs around, and everyone was OK with this change.  That’s always good for this family.  After a while I need change, even little ones like this, but the rest of my family, don’t feel this need at all, but I am glad they go along with me.

DSC_0048 copyThe kids in the kitchen… I love it.  And wonder how much longer will it be until the height difference is the other way around.

DSC_0174 copyBefore.

DSC_0012 copyAnd after.  I know, not much difference, except that now the white is actually white, not worn out and stained and marked from being used every day by four people for the last 13 years, and holes patched makes it look a little better too.

DSC_0016 copy

A fresh coat of paint makes it feel cleaner and crisp.  And we changed the light fixture to one light, we don’t need more light than that being such a small bathroom.

DSC_0176 copyI did leave our little joke on the window… for some reason, it’s so funny every time.

DSC_0007 2 copy

It’s cold enough that a comforter and someone to snuggle with is a good thing.

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one last swim and jump

DSC_0034 copy

We headed to the lake one more time few weeks ago, when the temperature still said 80’s.  DSC_0035 copy

A beautiful sunny day.  No wet suits needed this time.

DSC_0133 copyA little hike to see the  other side of the lake, and a favorite spot for the kids.

DSC_0132 copyA mushroom sight on the way.

DSC_0036 copy DSC_0037 copy DSC_0038 copy DSC_0039 copyAnd then to the spot.

DSC_0042 copy DSC_0043 copy DSC_0044 copy DSC_0045 copy DSC_0046 copy DSC_0077 copy DSC_0079 copy DSC_0083 copyThey spent hours. 

DSC_0086 copy DSC_0089 copy DSC_0092 copy DSC_0093 copy DSC_0095 copy DSC_0096 copy

Laughs.  Real laughs. The ones you can hear from the other side of the lake.

DSC_0097 copyMemories.  Beautiful memories.

DSC_0101 copy

Stories.  Lots of stories we heard on the ride home.  And the day after.

DSC_0102 copySummer memories.

DSC_0103 copy DSC_0105 copy

Friendships strengthen by these moments spent together. 

DSC_0106 copy DSC_0109 copyOne more time. 

DSC_0110 copyBecause we can. 

DSC_0111 copy DSC_0112 copy DSC_0114 copy DSC_0117 copy DSC_0118 copy

DSC_0098 copy

DSC_0138 copy DSC_0136 copy

Yes, laughs and smiles and memories.

DSC_0124 copy

‘Til next time.

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in the kitchen

DSC_0020 copy

I guess this one is not quite in the kitchen yet. Mark is getting the beans off the plants and shelling them to store for later.  This year, He and Siena planted lots of beans.  We have so many green beans, and dried beans.  I think it’s going to be good.

DSC_0001 2 copy

I also dried 20 pounds of pears for winter snacking.

DSC_0004 copy DSC_00133 copyThey looks so pretty once dried against the light.  Doesn’t it?

DSC_00136 copy

I also dried plums.

DSC_00131 copy

Some delicious onces some friends gave us.  So good.

DSC_00130 copy DSC_0014 copy

A neighbor down the street has a beautiful, big Lemon Verbena plant.  She’s had it for years, and it grows so healthy and so big every year.  Last year I asked her if I could have some leaves, because  found a recipe for a simple syrup.  It was delicate flavor and it was good.  So this year I asked her for few more leaves, and she came back with her trimmings getting the plant ready for the winter.  Oh thank you, thank you!  I am ready for some syrup making but also for lots of tea.

DSC_0013 2 copyGrapes are my favorite fruit I think.  I guess, I love other fruits too, but I can have grapes any time, I think.  Sometimes I feel like oranges, or watermelon, or an apple.  But grapes are always good, I think.  Some from the store, some from friends.

DSC_0089 copyThe beginning of a meal. Home grown elephant garlic, and some good hot peppers.

DSC_20 copy

I feel lucky to have some of the neighbors we have.  These beautiful, delicious figs come from another neighbor who has two fig trees.  This is the first time I’ve really ad them fresh, and I think I’m in love with them.  They are so sweet, so delicate.

DSC_21 copy DSC_22 copy

I’ve received two big bags of them, as present.

DSC_23 copy

I even had enough to make some jam.

DSC_0025 copy

Another new recipe for this summer, and it is so good.

DSC_0027 copy

Especially with warm, homemade bread.  The first loaves of the season. The oven can be turned on once again.  Everyone is happy here at home.

DSC_0085 copy DSC_0086 copyI love the colors and textures showing in our pantry.

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