It didn’t rain this morning.

After reading the book Pirates Past Noon, from the Magic Tree House series, we have two young pirates. We’ve had them before, but this time they were in a ship, heading north.

And for a house without guns, I can’t stop loving this makeshift pistol (or something or other) he’s made out of some part of an old barrel we found I don’t know where. And you never know when you’ll need a jump rope.

And of course, don’t forget the crafting table!

holding on

We’ve had some hard few days. But it seems like we are getting back on track. Slowly. But it feels like we are going somewhere.

My mind keeps coming back to this space. This *new* space. It makes me think of the good of each of these past days. Searching something bright, fun to share, among all the chaos happening around us.
All of this reminds me of those we love the most. Hold them tight. Hold them for as long as you can. You have them with you, right now.

thinking globally

It saddens me seeing the pictures of the earthquake in Japan. All the damage that caused. So many people and families suffering.

These pictures are too close to what we’ve seen too much this past year. It made me remember the earthquake in Haiti, and then in Chile just over a year ago. My family and friends all live in Chile and it was very hard to be so far away, and not being able to be there.

Today, I can’t get over a woman’s comment she made to the news “I don’t know if it’s good I survived.” My thoughts are with her and with all of those suffering right now. A whole country. A whole world is aching.

It reminds us that nature is part of us. We are part of nature. We need to remember to love those around us and those farther away. Hug those close to you and live in today. That’s what it is certain right now.

here we go!

>Yes. Here I am. First blog. First post. I’m starting a whole new thing. Something I’ve thought and thought for many months. Years actually.  Could I write something ‘worth reading’. Could I write ‘good enough’. Could I write something other would be interested in. Could I write often enough.

Well? Not sure I have the answers to all of these questions. Not sure if I can answer any of them! At least, not yet. But I guess I need to try it to see.

I will do my best in making it fun so you can sit down and enjoy.  I’ll share our days, our adventures.  I’m sure some will be more adventurous than others.  Just like everyone’s.

Maybe our families that live far away will be able to ‘see’ a little more of us each day.  And I hope they like it too.

Hope if you are here visiting you have fun and come back. can’t wait to get started.

So…  here we go!