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Things I love about the holidays this year

To follow up on Amanda’s post few days ago, I’d like to share here so I can remember the things I love the most about the holidays this year. ::: being home.  I think this was the best decision we … Continue reading

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One more time around the sun

We are home now. We arrived 10 days ago from our 4-month-long exchange to India. I think now we are all feeling much better our bodies adjusting slowly to the new time with the 13 1/2 hours difference between home … Continue reading

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Come on down to Goa with us

After spending four days in the forest in a place where insects and birds and plants is all what surrounded us.  No car or truck noises, no people noises (besides our own). Just silence and nature’s sounds is all we … Continue reading

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Goan Village

On our last morning in the forest in Goa, at the Wildernest Resort, Siena feeling much better (but me starting to feel the same illness) we decided to go see a small village. They took us in this bus. I … Continue reading

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The Plants : Goa

Can you smell the coffee bean? Coffee plant. This plant the guide said it was good for skin problems. I wish I’d know the names of these plants.  But at least I was able to photograph them.  Beautiful!

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Folk dance : Goa

On our second night there was a folk dance showing at the Wildernest Nature Resort.  It was about half and hour of showing different types of dance, from that area. The night was perfect.  It was a little cold, and … Continue reading

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Hiking to a great view : Goa

We did few hikes while we were staying at the Wildernest Nature Resort, in Goa. The guide was telling us that people collect this moss to make pillows.  And now people are trying to teach them that it’s not good … Continue reading

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