Making :: a baby blanket

One of Mark’s co-workers and friend, just became a grandma.  And so I had to make a little baby blanket.

IMG_1363 I cut up 5×5 squares of flannel.

IMG_1364 IMG_1366 Sewed them together.


And ta da!IMG_1369

He’s a little boy, so I put a truck flannel in the back with a fabric I had bought to make something for Lucas… and I never did.  So I am so glad I got to use it for another little boy.


I put a cotton batting and didn’t put binding, I turned it instead, to make it with soft edges.


I didn’t get a picture of it finished(darn it!), but I ended up tying it with blue cotton thread that I think tied it well with the blue in the back.  I just love flannel blankets and their softness.

The playing we usually don’t do

IMG_0670 While in Idaho last month we went to this place.  Grandma took us a few years ago, and now it’s the thing we do when we are there.

IMG_0558 Yes, allowed the Unlimited Fun.  Yes, it is fun, but a different fun that I (we) are used to. It is a lot more busy and crazy that my normal day, and not sure I could do it more often.  It is the special thing we do when we go.

IMG_0556 We went straight to the go carts.  Seriously?  Is this allowed for kids younger than driving age?  It’s the same thing than driving! No helmets? What?

IMG_0557 Everyone was excited.  Until after a turn, we’ve realized that the sun in March, in Idaho… doesn’t warm very much.  It was cold.

IMG_0559 But anyways.  We had to go drive around.  No matter that the next day we were driving for 9 hours back home.  Way different driving, I know.  Of course.


Yes, Hi Mama, I am buckled, don’t worry.  Which one is the break and which one is the gas? 

IMG_0565 IMG_0561IMG_0571 And went went.

IMG_0579 Never mind I am taking pictures while I’m flying on this curvy road!

IMG_0600 IMG_0574 Yes, another round of driving. This time with a jacket, hats and gloves.

IMG_0605 Are they going to drive like this when they get their driver’s license?

IMG_0619 Now to inside a little to warm up and some loud noises….

IMG_0629 Basketballing.

IMG_0622 Hitting those rats but not the cat…

IMG_0632 Please do not climb or sit on railing.  Oops… need to read the signs I guess.

IMG_0636 IMG_0649 OK, a few more rides.

IMG_0653 Mark and Lucas got warned and pulled over for bumping on the curve… oh those boys…

IMG_0656 Siena and I passed them.  An easy one at least this time.  And well, the last time.  We didn’t want to watch them get pulled over again and get kicked out.

IMG_0661IMG_0663 So onto the batting cages it was.

IMG_0672And yes, of course.  The choosing of the prizes.

The sling shots


Two Christmases ago, the kids received a sling shot each, made especially for them by our friend.  She remembered how she made them when she was growing up, and told us the stories of how her and her brothers made them, and how her mom used to get mad at them for cutting the tongue of their leather shoes, so they could make these.  She has 6 siblings, so I bet their mom did get upset!  (I wonder if they each cut the tongue of their own shoe, ruining 7 pairs, or if they cut both tongues of a pair, and so ruining just 3 pairs?  I wonder…)

DSC_0035 DSC_0052

Anyway.  She made Lucas and Siena a sling shot each, and apologize in advance for any damage they might cause.  We loved all of it, and will take the consequences, I guess (I hope my kids are not reading this one.)  This time she cut leather from a glove she had.  For the elastic part, she couldn’t find a good rubber even after going to the bike shop to get a popped tired.  She says the tires are not elastic enough these days, different from heydays growing up.  So she had to get surgical tubing.  And it works perfectly!


We liked when she told us about her stories from growing up, as much as her stories on how she was trying to make them this time, and her thinking of all the possibilities they could use these now…. here in the city, as oppose to the farm she grew up at.

DSC_0041  DSC_0044 DSC_0046

The kids took their sling shot when we went for a hike here and there, but it was way more fun in Idaho.  DSC_0038 DSC_0039

They of course, were not throwing at anything to injure.  They were rocks, rabbit and deer poop sent to the air, or to touch the water, or reach the other side of the pond.  Real testing of what it could do.

DSC_0064 DSC_0062 DSC_0047 DSC_0048 DSC_0049

I remember I used to have one too growing up.  I wonder how many of us used to play with one, and how many kids today have one.  It was fun to see the kids play with it and not having to worry to damage anything or anyone was a big bonus!  Our friend knows us well, I guess.   Thank you Linda!

First Game of the season

And we are off!

IMG_1533 New base lines and batting area are marked  each day.

IMG_1537 Lucas has bigger catching gear because his from last year got to held his shin. (Not much of a protection!)

IMG_1538 IMG_1539

He’s looking better than he started last year (skill wise, as his old coach said when he came to see him on his first game.)

IMG_1540 And I know he is more excited that he can say with words!

IMG_1535 Mark again on the sidelines, as excited as Lucas I think.

IMG_1542 A new team.  New coaches.  New uniforms.  New strength.  New skills.  New friends I am sure.

IMG_1546 And I can’t be happier to have my friends on the sideline, to continue my learning about what baseball is all about.

IMG_1549 IMG_1551 IMG_1553

Let the games begin!


Making :: the indigo quilt


Once we had the boxes and things almost all packed away and organized from our last fair (thanks mostly to Siena), I found myself with an afternoon, free for whatever I wanted to do.  IMG_1066

After I organized some of the fabrics in the shelf, I had been thinking about all those pieces we dyed last fall with indigo.  I got them out, ironed them and figured which ones were of similar weight and quality, and what can be used for a new quilt.

IMG_1068 IMG_1073 IMG_1089 IMG_1088

Because… well you know, we needed a new quilt.  Let’s just say, we didn’t have an all-blue one!


I really like how it turned out.  IMG_1303

Last few weeks

… we had the first scrimmage baseball games, but starting the season for real, this week.  We are ready for some fun.


… My mom sent me these pictures of this plant she’s grown in their house at the lake.  It’s the Chilean National Flower Copihue, and I’ve never seen a plant this full of flowers and so pretty.  I wish I could see it in person. They are amazing flowers.

Photo taken by my Mom in Chile.
Photo taken by my Mom in Chile.

… in our neighborhood email group someone posted that they had some window guards and this was one of the pictures they posted, and thought it was funny to think of it being made in Chile (and saw it the same day my mom sent me the photos above.)


… loved watching this video of the earth that I found on this website.  Found this neat video from the International Space Station flying over the Andes Mountains and over the Patagonia.  New cool photos and videos thanks to the Astronaut Jeff Williams up in the ISS.

Beverly Cleary, born in McMinville, Oregon turned 100 on April 11th.  Really?  And she looks so good! Doesn’t she?

Photo from OPB.

I loved this video.

… been spending more time outside and loving the light and the colors.


… I laughed at this 21 ways you can tell you’re from Oregon.  So funny.

… it almost feels like how the playing was last summer.


… I like this.


… it’s been so nice outside, sunshine, maybe a bit too hot for my taste, but still cool at night, and especially nice to feel the breeze after a hot afternoon.

… Mark and Siena talk about garden plans, and work a little when they get a chance.

… we had dinner with friends, and had the time to hang out, catch up, and play games.  Beautiful, lovely evenings, both.  Much needed.

IMG_1434 IMG_1350

… both kids were lucky to be invited to go see a Thorns game with friends, the first one of the season.  Can it get any better?

… I like this map of quiet places.


… I’ve been making a few small things, and it’s been really fun to finish them the same day.  That’s as much time (and attention) I have these days.

… I cleaned out a couple of shelves in our art studio, and put (finally) all of our craft books together and somewhat in order.


But still need to tackle the sewing machine table… not sure this should allowed in anyone’s home (or sewing table!) or even published to all to see.  I guess this could be titled the “What not to do with your sewing table.”

IMG_1482 IMG_1483

Maybe I’ll tackle this some time soon.  it is just all my almost done projects, the left over blocks I can use for another project, the pieces of fabric already cut to square (in many varying sizes and types of fabric), and all sorts of widths of strips. All that could be used in some project in the future.  But I guess I am not sure they need to be this handy, right?

I’ll see what I come up.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having fun too.

This is what spring in April looks like around here

IMG_1062 We are spending more days outside.

IMG_1283Our apple trees are blooming, and also dropping the petals leaving the ground covered in a white-pink-ish layer, like a flower dust.

IMG_1260IMG_1304 IMG_1310IMG_1284 IMG_1286IMG_1312My Mother’s Day Clematis is almost ready to burst into blooms…

IMG_1287The dogwood is starting to bloom and soon, everything around us, even inside our kitchen window and Siena’s room, will have a pink tone for few days.

IMG_1288 IMG_1289 IMG_1292 IMG_1296 IMG_1350 IMG_1349IMG_1282

We can still see the sky in our backyard, through the mostly bare tree branches.

Open air


Mark, having grown up in Idaho talks about the open air, the big sky that he had growing up. DSC_0080

I get it, and I’ve seen it many times.  It is this vastness, this tall, tall air up above us.  nothing to cover it, nothing touching it, for miles.

DSC_0109 DSC_0228

And I do like it when I see it, when I have it, when I am surrounded by it.  I like it a lot. It makes you feel small, in this huge open space.  It usually comes with silence, deep silence.  I like all of it too.

But I know this open space also comes with dryer, warmer days.  And as oppose to Mark, I grew up with trees.  I grew up with rain (lots of it), and trees, lakes and rivers (large ones.) And I love that too.  It does actually feel more like home, when I have these with me.  Even though I love this big, tall blue, I need green.  I need water.

I think it’s funny how the place we grew up in, makes such a large impact in our lives.  We were just laughing few days ago, because Mark was commenting how done he was of the rain we’ve had.  He needed a break from it, and he needed it to be dry, even just for a little while.  Siena and I smiled, because we both love the water.  The rain.  I feel like I actually need the rain in my life, and I’ll take all of it as it comes.


This is the sight to both sides of the road. DSC_0227

I will take this sight though.  It is so beautiful.  All of it.  Its quiet-ness, blue-ness, dry-ness, windy-ness, dark-ness, open-ness, tall-ness.  Yes, all of it.  Because I know soon enough I am always coming home to my rain.