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the landing

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Charles Darwin’s life in Shrewsbury

  We went to go see some of Darwin’s places from his youth, where he was born, Shrewsbury, south of Wem.  We did a self walking tour that Ros had printed out from the internet.  Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury … Continue reading

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World Unit : France : scientists

In our World Unit we started studying France.  We looked at the geography, and have a map that we look at when a new place is named. We are reading this encyclopedia, and reading about France in choronological order with all the … Continue reading

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Our Body : nutrition : fats + grease

Fats.  The smallest portion of the food pyramid and why it should be like that.  This is what we did to study this. You put water in a glass and then few drops of vegetable oil.  We made observations on … Continue reading

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Our Body : nutrition

Together with studying the digestive system we learned about nutrition.  We talked about the food pyramid and what it means. We talked about favorite foods, and where in the pyramid they stand, and why we need to eat healthy, as their growing … Continue reading

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machines with an intention

The other day, the kids spent most of the day creating, changing and tweaking this machine to make it do what they wanted it to do.  It had started the evening before. It first started with one chair and one … Continue reading

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Our Body : the digestive system

The first activity we did, from this book, was to measure out our digestive system. For each organ, it gives you to measure something else of your body that is very close to the real measurement.  For example, the size … Continue reading

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