The last few weeks

… we’ve had swim meets, and swim practices and some beautiful swim moments.

… we’ve also had baseball games and some rained out games, that makes space for some other kind of playing.  Still with friends, still fun.

… have dried some clothes outside.


… we’ve been studying Africa and wondering how long we can stretch this unit for, because what I thought we’d take a month or so, it’s been more like 3 months!  And we are still enjoying it and having fun.

… the garden is being readied and planted, slowly, but it’s in everyone’s minds.  We’ll get there eventually.

… we’ve been outside a whole lot more.


… we’ve been mowing the yard, a lot.  Between the sun, the heat of a 90-degree day we had last week, and the rain, it’s growing like crazy!

… new friendships are grown and getting stronger.  Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easier and wonderful and funny.  Teens and pre-teens, and all the previous years, are all an amazing time for learning and growing up.  All of us, but mostly me as a parent.

… windows are often open all day through the evening.


… I’ve been listening to new to me music.

… I found this video and made me think.

… it’s been so nice that I find the kids doing their work outside many times…. love that of homeschooling!



Summer is coming, I know it, and the calendar says so. We are looking forward to it.

One thought on “The last few weeks

  1. Glendie May 25, 2016 / 6:27 am

    So nice

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