The garden in May


A trip to the nursery to get us going on some plants, while the rest are in the greenhouse growing.






And a new plant.  Gooseberries. The funny thing is that we had 2 gooseberries plants when we first move here to the US.  I love eating (green) gooseberries growing up, so we planted some in our garden.  They never did much, and by the time Siena was born, those super large needles worried me that this crawler of a girl we had, would grab one of those big thorns and get hurt, because those plants were so big that we couldn’t contain them within the garden space.  So out they went.  We changed them for blueberries… which they never did much either because the birds would eat them before we got to them. DSC_0057

So here we are again.  I will leave it to the gardeners to decide location and to care for it.  Maybe it will do better.  I am sure actually.

One thought on “The garden in May

  1. Glendie June 5, 2016 / 5:41 am


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