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in the kitchen

As always, there’s been lots of cooking. We don’t go out a lot, so there’s 3 meals a day having to be had. Breakfast is not my forte, so it’s simple.  Lunch sometimes the kids prepare it for the three of … Continue reading

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playing at the park

On a sunny day last week and a walk to the park, I grabbed my camera. Because these camelias, make their appearance when everything ir stunning dark, brown, and bare.  Pink is not the common shade in nature, in autumn … Continue reading

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last few weeks…

The days are going by so quickly.  It seems to happened to me this time of the year.  Maybe it’s the getting ready and all the making that is happening in our home.  There’s crafting, math, reading, Norse Mythology and … Continue reading

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under water

Every time my kids have a swim meet, I go all prepared for some picture taking.  My zoom is pretty good, but by no means I can get close ups from where we can sit.  So I try to go closer … Continue reading

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pumpkin patch

On a beautiful sunny, fall day we headed to Sauvies Island with some friends.  It was a no-school day, and we like those, so we can hang out with our friends that go to school. Duck racing… who would have … Continue reading

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the carving

Looking for some inspiration.  Pinterest, always at the ready. Cleaned. Planning. Waiting. More inspiration. We are ready. There is something inside. They are coming along.   Sometimes a bigger challenge than we expected. Sometimes something we haven’t done in years. But … Continue reading

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how to dive

I love watching her swim. No matter if it’s practice days, or warm ups at meets, or her races.  It fills my heart seeing her swim, so delicately, so beautifully coordinated.  (Thank you for letting me love a little, I am her … Continue reading

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