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Playing outside. Still. But also inside when showers arrive. And back outside.  You can feel the cooler days, but the sunshine is just so good.

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more baskets

We had a little friend turn two this past weekend, so I had to make some baskets to carry and hold the presents we had for her. I remember when Siena and Lucas loved cooking.  You know, the make believe … Continue reading

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Forgotten : 4th of July

Looking through the photos I’ve downloaded in my computer I found these from the Fourth of July with friends. Waiting at The Bluff to see the big fire works.   More on the way home. Happy Fourth of July + Two Months.

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Summer playing

Basketball. Friends.  Snowcones. Yes, snow cones and ice creams. All sizes.  All colors. All flavors. Movies. Baseball. More baseball. Movies. Yes, lots of movies in our backyard.  Also movies at the pool. Basketball.  Yes, lots of basketball. More movies. Dinner. … Continue reading

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a party

We had a great party to celebrate Siena turning 13 few weeks a month ago (time flies.) We watched a movie. Had milkshakes. Decorated a cake.  Two cakes. Siena and her friends had a lot of fun. They had their coach, the … Continue reading

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backyard fixin’

We love hanging out in our backyard.  It is my favorite spot in the summer, and in the fall too. But I can say also, so it is in the spring where we can see everything starting to come back … Continue reading

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A new camping spot

Few weeks ago we went camping to a new spot.  Our usual, seemed a little too dry and had a wild fire earlier that made us wondering if that would be a good area to go back to this summer, with no … Continue reading

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