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The sling shots

Two Christmases ago, the kids received a sling shot each, made especially for them by our friend.  She remembered how she made them when she was growing up, and told us the stories of how her and her brothers made them, and … Continue reading

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Making :: the indigo quilt

Once we had the boxes and things almost all packed away and organized from our last fair (thanks mostly to Siena), I found myself with an afternoon, free for whatever I wanted to do.   After I organized some of … Continue reading

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The spring craft fair

… Breathe in… breathe out…. Phew!  A fun (and very busy) weekend we had, filled with colors, and beautiful handmade goods, of all sorts.  Ceramics, photography, textiles, paper, leather, jewelry, clothes, and even music and performances by the students of … Continue reading

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Making for the fair

For months, we’ve been making, getting ready for the fair this weekend. I can say probably, for years we’ve been making.  Yes, I’ve always been a crafter, growing up with my mom, and my grandmas (both of them), there’s always … Continue reading

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Making : A Christmas quilt

For years, I’ve been wanting to make a Christmas quilt.  But by the time the decorating for Christmas arrives in our house, we are deep in activities.  Between birthday celebrations, swim meets, and all the making that we need to … Continue reading

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Making : Hot pads

A good friend of ours had her birthday this month, and even though she said she doesn’t have a birthday this year, we gave her a non-birthday present. They went to France few months ago so I thought I’d make … Continue reading

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Making : linen for my bed

I love natural fibers.  Wool, cotton, silk…. but linen… oh…. linen.  I do love it so much. A while back I made a linen quilt, with all recycled clothes and tablecloths I found in thrift stores.    I made another … Continue reading

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