the weeks during Christmastime…

The last few weeks, besides celebrating Christmas, there were lots of things brewing, cooking, knitting, sewing, reading, singing, making… so much more!

… we went to the annual Solstice Bonfire celebrated not far from our house by the City of Milwaukie.  We’ve gone for years, but it was a little disappointing this time.

DSC_0759 copy

They do the bonfire at a park on the river, so you can see the water and the Christmas Ships… well? The ships cancelled their trip up the river that night because of all the debris in the water (because of all the rain we’ve had) AND there were no carolers either.  No carolers!!! But the fire… oh yes, the fire was lovely indeed!

DSC_0744 copy DSC_0746 copy cropped This sign says “Attention: No Fires Allowed”… though this fire is made and organized and watched by City employees it was funny to be standing in front of the sign…

DSC_0750 copy

I did enjoy the warmth and darkness of that night, standing by the fire by the river moving by, while the rain stopped for a little bit and reminded us that the light is coming back.  But I am in no hurry.  We are staying warm, dry and I feel lucky.  We have all the goods made and preserved during the summer to enjoy when apples are oranges are what’s most common in the stores.

DSC_0751 copy DSC_0757 copy DSC_0760 copy DSC_0766 copy

… I realized I love seeing what everyone is doing… for the most part.  I don’t go to Facebook often, and I don’t really write much, but I do go check it out to see if I have the luck to see my nieces and nephews in photos or stories.  They grow up so quickly, and being so far away from them all, makes me a little sad not to see them grow up into the beautiful little… well, young people they are right now.  From almost 30 years old to 15, the youngest.  Graduations from college, from high school, finals, exams, jobs, marriages have happened… so much we’ve missed by being up here, but it’s the choices we make in life what makes us what and who we are right now.  And with everything in mind, and even a little heavy heart, I would have to say that I wouldn’t change any of them.  I have this amazing little family of my own, and we are so close, and so lucky to be together.  Though I wish I could have them (my nieces and nephews) a little closer at times.

And I have to say, at this time of the year, I do love seeing the photos of Christmas, and vacations, and end of the year school activities for them.  All of them getting ready for summer break, Christmas and all, with summer attires, that remind me of the Christmases I grew up with.  Summer Christmases.

And now, in my own home, we pack and cover ourselves with blankets, sweaters, hats and gloves and raincoats most of the days.  I wouldn’t trade it either, I love our winter Christmases and the coziness it comes with it, turning us indoors for a while, being closer together.  I do love it.  But seeing my family in Chile so summery and ready to celebrate their own holidays and vacations, it’s fun of course.  Nature and this world where we live, is so big, and funny and an amazing thing.

… thank goodness for technology that let us see families and friends far away.  This is as we were talking on Christmas Day, half worlds apart.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 5.42.55 PM


… delivered some goodies to our friends.

DSC_0033 copy

… Lucas made this gingerbread house with some friends, it looks so cute!

DSC_0043 copy

…. went to see a friend dance in the Nutcracker, and reminded me how beautiful it is when you have someone you know in it.

… the sun appeared briefly for few minutes few days ago. Not too warm, but to give us a little light.

DSC_0734 copy

… have been sewing, sewing, sewing.  Knitting, and making of all sorts is (and was) happening all around the house by everyone.  It is a fun time of the year.

… there’s been playing too. Lots of it!

DSC_0723 copy DSC_0743 copy

… we’ve been baking all kinds of cookies and pies.

…  we’ve been enjoying Mark being home.  I know we are lucky to have him home for long periods of time like these, and summer break of course.  We feel so lucky.

… my parents had some celebrations they went and sent us this photo.

unnamed-2 copy

… we’ve watched movies.  Lots of Christmas movies, many we’ve never seen.  We are so behind the “Must See” movie list that we have lots to choose from.

… there’s been lots of swimming too.  Practices and meets and more coming our way.  We are excited.

… we’ve been putting together some packages to be delivered to the homeless at a park close by.

DSC_0697 copy

… we found this big photo of Siena from ten years ago. Where and how does the time fly so fast!  (I want to fond one of Lucas and do the same.)

DSC_0324 copy

… we did our annual Christmas visit downtown and enjoyed it.  With some new highlights, and new places to visit, and continuing others making sure we don’t miss.

DSC_0698 copy DSC_0703 copy DSC_0705 copy DSC_0708 copy DSC_0710 copy DSC_0712 copy DSC_0715 copy

… I found a new book I need to check out and read it very carefully.  Love it!

DSC_0714 copy

Hope your past few weeks have been fun and hopefully not too chaotic or stressful.  I love ending the year with so much happening, all the making, the surprises, the secret-making, the surprises, and I try to remember that all this is here for us to share and to enjoy with those we love.  Because nothing is sure, we just have right now, and I don’t want to miss any of it.


One thought on “the weeks during Christmastime…

  1. Glendie December 28, 2015 / 5:40 am

    Thank you for sharing your Christmas activities, thoughts, memories, and photos!

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