the holidays : before we forget them

The last two weeks seem to have really passed by quickly.  In my mind it seems as if we have just arrived.  Without the jet lag and daily haziness.

Our trip to India seemed like a dream, almost.  We kept thinking that after just 24 hours, we had traveled across the globe and we were in a totally new place.  It seems crazy, insane really, to be able to do this in such a short amount of time.  It seems almost that traveling by boat would be much healthier, letting you adjust to the new place as you traveled along.  Not that I’d want to do that, but two planes and 24 hours later seems too much for someone’s body and brain.

After arriving we celebrated.  There was lots to celebrate.  Like being home.  Being with friends.  And celebrating the holidays.

We celebrated Winter Solstice with our friend Naomi and her family and friends.  It was a beautiful night.

We also celebrated by cooking and baking.  It makes our home smell so good and it feels so good to be able to do that and share it with friends.

Making gingerbread houses with friends was one of the beautiful things these holidays.  Thank you Kim for having us over and making these beautiful houses for us to decorate!

Lucas’s house.

Siena’s house.

Something we do each year, is go to Peacock Lane to see the lights. That was one of the things we decided we didn’t want to miss this year.  So we went for a walk there, to see the lights the day before the day before Christmas.

We have gone to see these houses with al the beautiful lights for so many years.  We first went Mark and I by ourselves.  We have taken family and friends over to see them.  And we’ve gone so many other times with Lucas and Siena now.  It’s something we really enjoy doing during the holidays.

This visitor was also ready to be part of the show.

Peace on Earth. 

And we also went to see Santa.

Since Siena was a baby we’ve gone downtown to find Santa.

This was another tradition we didn’t want to miss this year.  So we went downtown, and parked in the same parking place as always.  And waited for Santa to come. It is always very exciting.

For us is to have a chance to see him and talk to him.

Siena realized right here she was wearing her Halloween shirt, just one of the two long sleeve shirts that fit her after our trip.  They’ve grown so much these past four months.

To a beautiful holiday season.


3 thoughts on “the holidays : before we forget them

  1. Nimesh Topiwala December 30, 2012 / 2:42 am

    You lived in India with your kids for 5 months. How did you manage schooling for them? Did it not spoil a year for them in USA school system?

    • naturallyfundays : marcela December 30, 2012 / 8:19 pm

      We homeschool, here in the US and while in India. So, we had no problem with their education, on the contrary, we had an amazingly enriching months there.

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