in the kitchen

We’ve had lots of cooking and so much picturing them.  But here’s some.

DSC_0112 copy

Mark is the baker in the family.  For all sorts of pies and cookies, breakfast, he is the one who does it all.  And they are so good! DSC_0137 copy

Thanksgiving, what a treat it was.

DSC_0134 copy

DSC_0139 copy DSC_0145 copy DSC_0142 copy DSC_0146 copy DSC_0154 copy DSC_0155 copy DSC_0148 copy

And few meals have been made.  Just not pictured.

DSC_0002 copy

There’s been request of cookies already, and would like to make some, but we need to get some momentum going.  It seems all of my free time has been spent in creating new things for the holiday fairs we just finished.  My mind has been in crafting mode, not so much in cooking.  Now it’s time to turn this way a little.  I’m ready.  Even though I have quite a few projects I need to finish, and few I need to get started on.  I need a couple extra weeks before Christmas comes.

What have you’ve been cooking lately?  What are your favorite cookies to bake at this time of the year?


2 thoughts on “in the kitchen

  1. Erin December 11, 2015 / 11:53 am

    Sugar and spice cookies! They remind me of the holidays *and* of my Dad, who passed away six years ago. Plus, delicious!

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