Barking again

IMG_1375 Every couple of years we put new bark in our backyard, where the chairs and picnic tables are.  It makes it look so nice and clean and neat again.


But we have to dig out the old bark so it doesn’t get too high and go over the edges too much.   This year, all that hard work, was mostly done by Siena and Lucas.

IMG_1414 They did so good and worked really hard to make it happen.  Because there were only few hours in between swimming or baseball.  The rain was coming.  And the bark chips had been delivered to our friends’ from yard and couldn’t leave them there for too long.  The job had to be done.

IMG_1415 And they did it all.  Dug it all out.  Placed it in the backyard.  Wheelbarrows after wheelbarrows of cedar chips brought from few houses down.  Almost 4 cubic yards of bark.


I helped with the hydration, of our first lemonade-rhubarb drink over ice.  At the end, sore hands and muscles, with few blisters, and tired arms they saw their hard work look so beautiful, and for what they say, smelling so good too.  Thanks to the youngest two in our family, we have a beautiful backyard sitting area, ready to be enjoyed many, many times by us and our friends.  We are ready for spending our time out there.   Thank you you two.


2 thoughts on “Barking again

  1. Jane Brewer May 10, 2016 / 7:46 am

    How lovely they did that for you and how satisfying for them! One day, all too soon, they’ll be doing it themselves, as you have taught them.

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela May 12, 2016 / 11:31 pm

      Hi Jane. Yes, it’s fun to see our kids grow up. And fun to see them do those things that we used to just do for them or with “their help” because they were too little to do the whole thing and now here they are. Doing them all by themselves. So appreciated for their help and hard work.
      Thanks for coming to visit us here in this little space. Have a great weekend!

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