Making : new pillows

IMG_1492 After making the quilt with the indigo dyed fabrics from last year, I’ve been thinking and planning on making a few other things.  I really like the blue…


So I decided to make a pillow for Siena.  She had asked me if she could keep the quilt in her room, and I thought it looked nice in the living room, to have for those moments someone needs something warm (I know we are not short on blankets, we have lots of other quilts handy as well, but I guess it is fun to see it laying around, since I just made it.)

So I made a (modern) log cabin block for the front and just added the back, with a fold over.  Easy to change the cover (to that Paris cover I made them last year.)  IMG_1505 I thought this fabric for the back matched the blue tone in the front, and I knew Siena would like that.

IMG_1494 IMG_1496

(Having it outside in that blue chair, might be a little too much blue but I liked the light outside.)IMG_1499 IMG_1522

So for a day or so the pillow was in the living room, and looked really good with the indigo quilt.


Siena likes blues.  She really does.  I think it might a connection to the water (and pool and swimming) she loves so much.  She did take her pillow to her room soon.  And after I looked around for the quilt, I knew exactly where I would find it. IMG_1874

It does look cute in her room.  And I like it that she likes keeping it organized and matchy.  And what else can I ask for, right?  Sneaking Mama-made things to her room, to make it look nice is a real compliment.  I’ll take it!


So then I made a new pillow cover for Lucas.  I’ve had these baseball fabrics for years, and it is baseball season after all!

IMG_1871 It jumped from outside. To inside.

IMG_1867 IMG_1875

To Lucas’s bedroom.  He does have few things red and polka dots, but not everything.  It is just when he chooses this comforter, everything seem really dotted and red. IMG_1879

I’ll keep sewing if I’ll get this model to show me how good it works, right?


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  1. Glendie May 12, 2016 / 8:19 am


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