Last few weeks…

… Lucas lost a half a tooth and then 5 days later he lost the other half.  Does that mean the Tooth Fairy comes half way and then the whole way? Does she leave half the coins?  How does he have to deal with this situation?

… there’s been more playing out of doors.


… we went to the beach and spent just a short hour on the beach (itself) and many hours inside an indoor pool.  This time, I wouldn’t take it any other way.  We are so proud of our big fish.  She did great in that swim meet.

… I played a few games of Mahjong.

IMG_1524 IMG_1525

… I went to the store and then came home to this on his window.

IMG_1530 IMG_1529

(Please don’t look at the rotting, and paint chipping windows… it’s in our list of things to do around the house, together with the roof, the chimney, the rotting porch, and oh yes, windows.)

… the two boys in our house got a hair cut.


… have been cleaning a little here and there.  There always seems to be piles anywhere you look.

DSC_0097(And yes, we need to already put the Easter decorations away.)


One thought on “Last few weeks…

  1. Glendie May 6, 2016 / 3:28 pm

    Love reading you blog and keeping up with your activities

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