Last few weeks

… we had the first scrimmage baseball games, but starting the season for real, this week.  We are ready for some fun.


… My mom sent me these pictures of this plant she’s grown in their house at the lake.  It’s the Chilean National Flower Copihue, and I’ve never seen a plant this full of flowers and so pretty.  I wish I could see it in person. They are amazing flowers.

Photo taken by my Mom in Chile.
Photo taken by my Mom in Chile.

… in our neighborhood email group someone posted that they had some window guards and this was one of the pictures they posted, and thought it was funny to think of it being made in Chile (and saw it the same day my mom sent me the photos above.)


… loved watching this video of the earth that I found on this website.  Found this neat video from the International Space Station flying over the Andes Mountains and over the Patagonia.  New cool photos and videos thanks to the Astronaut Jeff Williams up in the ISS.

Beverly Cleary, born in McMinville, Oregon turned 100 on April 11th.  Really?  And she looks so good! Doesn’t she?

Photo from OPB.

I loved this video.

… been spending more time outside and loving the light and the colors.


… I laughed at this 21 ways you can tell you’re from Oregon.  So funny.

… it almost feels like how the playing was last summer.


… I like this.


… it’s been so nice outside, sunshine, maybe a bit too hot for my taste, but still cool at night, and especially nice to feel the breeze after a hot afternoon.

… Mark and Siena talk about garden plans, and work a little when they get a chance.

… we had dinner with friends, and had the time to hang out, catch up, and play games.  Beautiful, lovely evenings, both.  Much needed.

IMG_1434 IMG_1350

… both kids were lucky to be invited to go see a Thorns game with friends, the first one of the season.  Can it get any better?

… I like this map of quiet places.


… I’ve been making a few small things, and it’s been really fun to finish them the same day.  That’s as much time (and attention) I have these days.

… I cleaned out a couple of shelves in our art studio, and put (finally) all of our craft books together and somewhat in order.


But still need to tackle the sewing machine table… not sure this should allowed in anyone’s home (or sewing table!) or even published to all to see.  I guess this could be titled the “What not to do with your sewing table.”

IMG_1482 IMG_1483

Maybe I’ll tackle this some time soon.  it is just all my almost done projects, the left over blocks I can use for another project, the pieces of fabric already cut to square (in many varying sizes and types of fabric), and all sorts of widths of strips. All that could be used in some project in the future.  But I guess I am not sure they need to be this handy, right?

I’ll see what I come up.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having fun too.


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