Open air


Mark, having grown up in Idaho talks about the open air, the big sky that he had growing up. DSC_0080

I get it, and I’ve seen it many times.  It is this vastness, this tall, tall air up above us.  nothing to cover it, nothing touching it, for miles.

DSC_0109 DSC_0228

And I do like it when I see it, when I have it, when I am surrounded by it.  I like it a lot. It makes you feel small, in this huge open space.  It usually comes with silence, deep silence.  I like all of it too.

But I know this open space also comes with dryer, warmer days.  And as oppose to Mark, I grew up with trees.  I grew up with rain (lots of it), and trees, lakes and rivers (large ones.) And I love that too.  It does actually feel more like home, when I have these with me.  Even though I love this big, tall blue, I need green.  I need water.

I think it’s funny how the place we grew up in, makes such a large impact in our lives.  We were just laughing few days ago, because Mark was commenting how done he was of the rain we’ve had.  He needed a break from it, and he needed it to be dry, even just for a little while.  Siena and I smiled, because we both love the water.  The rain.  I feel like I actually need the rain in my life, and I’ll take all of it as it comes.


This is the sight to both sides of the road. DSC_0227

I will take this sight though.  It is so beautiful.  All of it.  Its quiet-ness, blue-ness, dry-ness, windy-ness, dark-ness, open-ness, tall-ness.  Yes, all of it.  Because I know soon enough I am always coming home to my rain.


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