last few weeks…

… we had spring break and traveled and got to see family.

… Mark and Siena planted peas in the ground and there is also sunflower seeds planted this year.  I am so excited!  These are the seeds from a sunflower we got last fall here.  We’ll see how big they turn out.

… I think I want these in our garden from Swarm Portland

Photo from Swarm Portland‘s website.

Aren’t they pretty? Love how they all fit beautifully like that… natural.

… we got a new small camera that seems to take pretty good pictures.  Easy to carry it.

… we’ve seen blue skies, at times, beautiful sunny days, and it feels so good!

IMG_0953 IMG_0947

… found this online and makes me think.

From Pesticide Action Network.

… our backyard has been getting some cleaning done a little here and there.  I am looking forward to spending more time out there.


… I’m glad I found Erica’s blog because I really like her book.

… we had our first lunch AND dinner outside, with warm dare I say, hot days?

… went to see a Blazers basketball game, play Boston Celtics, all the way from the top rows, where the loud people sit…

IMG_1091 IMG_1096

It was a lot of fun, and we went with some dear friends.  A fun evening.

… we went to see Ten Grands concert.  We’ve gone for few years now, and every time I enjoy seeing so many homeschoolers together in one place.

IMG_0813 IMG_0818 IMG_0820 IMG_0828

… there’s been lots of playing.  Cards, board games , basketball, frisbee, baseball… so many possibilities.

IMG_0007IMG_1065IMG_0979IMG_1071IMG_1252 IMG_1254

… we have many, many conversations about cars.  The cool cars that we pass, or go by, the colors that make them cool, which one would I pick… so many questions and option.  And of course, there’s been lots of cars being built as well.


… had our first outdoors movie with friends last weekend.  Inside Out was on the big screen.

IMG_1246 IMG_1249

Spring is definitely here, and there is lots of more playing outside happening and more to come.


2 thoughts on “last few weeks…

  1. Glendie April 7, 2016 / 7:11 am

    LOVE your activities and your sharing!

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