Last few weeks…

… couldn’t decide which one I like better…


“If you really want something, you will have to work very hard, take advantage of opportunities and above all, never give up!” – Dr. Goodall‘s mum, Vanne

From somewhere on the internet.
From somewhere on the internet.

About raising powerful girls.  And this neat google doodle video.  Love the images.


… we are continuing to study Africa, and seems like we could take many more months to learn what we want to learn.  There is no rush and no deadline… there is so much information, so many countries, so much history.  Lots and lots to choose from what to focus our studies.  Still having fun.


… we started with baseball practices when the weather allows, and are getting used to the new routine, of most of us being out of the house every afternoon.

… I have been trying to plan and figure out how dinner will be done, so we can continue to eat at home and together, every night, as we always do.  Being together is not so much the problem, it’s the how to make the meal while we are all out…

… I like Camilla’s post from Fjord Girl that she posted the other day.

… I realized (once again) that no matter how much I clean up and organize things…. there’s always piles and messes just hours after it’s been cleared.


… I feel spring in the air.  Slowly, at times.  Yesterday and the day before felt really cold in comparison to the previous days.  I guess that is part of the changing seasons.  The sun shines, it feels warm in my body, but still the chill is in the air.

… Siena and I have been working and making things every day, in preparation for our first spring craft fair this past weekend.  It was a fun weekend.

… my dad and my mother-in-law share the same birthday.  They each celebrated on opposite sides of the world, but we wished them both a Happy Birthday this month!

… Siena has been baking a little more.  She likes it and we all get to enjoy her tryouts.

… I am feeling that push to de-clutter that I get every year around this time.  Maybe it’s all this time we’ve spent inside these past months, that make the rooms feel a little smaller by now.  Not a bad reason to clean up I don’t think.

… we watched and kept track of Astronaut Scott Kelly and his return to earth after spending a year at the International Space Station.

DSC_0075 DSC_0086 DSC_0078 Watching when they left the ISS.


Waiting to arrive to Earth and wishing for a safe landing. DSC_0083 DSC_0091

We waited and watched and saw all three astronauts come out of the Soyuz and wondered what it must feel like.  We talked, commented, thought, speculated, and have so many questions, of such an amazing flight.  We’ve been reading and keeping up on the studies and tests and results they are doing, even now after the stay in space.  So much information, so much science.  I find it amazing, and I am thinking this will be something we might remember as my kids grow older.   It’s been fun to learn from all of this.

… the kids spent a day with some old friends.  They got picked up early afternoon and dropped off late at night.  Our friends, who can all drive by now (and we saw them be born and grow up to the beautiful and amazing girls they are now) do pretty much anything Lucas and Siena want to do when they go visit.  They play all the games the kids want, watch movies, have treats.  They always go with a basket full of board games, and come back filled with stories and smiles as big as it can be, and their hearts filled with love.  We miss these friends of ours.  They don’t live too far, but we don’t see them often enough.

… I have been knitting a cardigan that is knitted sideways, and I am not sure it will turn out.  I’ve never done a pattern like this, and don’t know even if it’s the right size… it will be a surprise cardigan for sure!

… we had two team parties in the same pizza place, one day apart.  We are taking a break from pizza I think.

… spring is all around us and we are bringing it inside too.


… we are opening the windows almost every day, to let the fresh, spring air in for a little while.  Until hail starts to come down.  Yes… spring, I love you so!


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