last few weeks

… there’s been playing outside when it’s dry, and inside too.  But mostly, Lucas can spend all of his days out there, wet or dry.


And they are really enjoying Lucas’s new basketball hoop.

… we have noticed all the extra light we are getting, especially those days that are clear.  What a treat it is to notice it.  It is like adding a couple of hours in our days!

… I love the sun shining, just barely warm but so bright it hurts our eyes.  I guess we must have PESS (Portlander’s Eye Sensitivity Syndrome.)

… we’ve been making… lots of it.  The next craft fair is upon us.


… Lucas had the last of his basketball games, which is OK, because baseball season is upon us.  And we all can’t wait to see what happens this year.

… Lucas and a friend at the Auto Show.  I was sent this picture and love their happy faces.


… I like this article about our own kids, and them growing up, and us too, as parents.

… I’ve been wondering how in the world there are so many moles in our yard!


… I really like this cartoon from this site.


… Siena had State Championship this weekend.  We all had fun, watching her, watching everyone excited of being there, celebrating this huge accomplishment, and all thanks to their own hard work.  It is amazing to me.  We celebrated and loved watching her do what she loves the most to do.

… I am learning to use Facebook a little more.  With our new Etsy shop, we had to have some link to the media to try to help Siena’s store, so I am working on learning.  And I don’t know if I like it that Facebook shows me “things that I could like” in posts… and also on the side bars… is my whole life being tracked by someone and/or something? That is a scary thought!  But I must confess…. these were pretty funny…

img_5575dec3c4780 Is-swimming-important-to-you-

swim liI-Know-I-Swim-Like-A-Girl-Try-To-Keep-Up-Tshirt

… I am going to miss seeing daily photos of the Earth from Astronaut Scott Kelly and his year in space.  I can only imagine the excitement, the experiences he’s had, the experiences and feelings and re-adjusting to living on Earth he’s going to go through.  Amazing.

… we are finally feeling better from our colds and sinus infections.  We are so ready to start feeling better.  I feel like it’s been so busy, we are kind of living through it, I am looking forward to resting a little during spring break.

… we cleaned the backyard, taking all broken stuff to the dump.  We don’t do this very often, which makes me feel better.  But it was a “date” for Mark and Lucas, and they had lots to talk about while on their field trip and I guess the good thing, it was educational.

Hopefully a conversation we will always continue to have, about the needs of each one and what is enough and what should be enough.  Because if we don’t talk among ourselves, we can stop caring, and I do believe strongly, that we can live simpler.  There’s always room for improvement.  And if we all did a little better, maybe there will be less excessive consumerism.  Less excess. Less stuff and more of what I think can be more important in our lives.  All I can do is improve myself, and help my kids learn and grow up to be conscientious of their ecological footprints.  I am trying.  I really am.


Looking better, cleaner and safer for our basketball players.

… started thinking what projects I should finish (or start?) with all the pieces I’ve been keeping for a long time, to do these.   Spring cleaning.


Spring cleaning is happening around here.  Much needed.  Slowly, but it feels good for sure.

… loved this one



One thought on “last few weeks

  1. Glendie March 3, 2016 / 6:28 am

    LOVE catching up with your activities!!! You guys always amaze me!

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