In the kitchen

When I was in high school (in Chile) I came to Michigan (in the US) as an exchange student.  I lived in Michigan for a year and you might also want to know that I went to the same high school and had the same counselor than Madonna did!  I’m serious.

While there, I met a beautiful family and became good friends with their older daughter.  We are still friends (she even went to Chile to see me and meet my family few years later) and we keep in touch and makes me so happy to see her beautiful family in pictures (Thanks Facebook!) But wish I could see them all more.  Time has passed so fast.

Few months into my stay here, I was at her house one day and she said that we should make brownies.  But we were heading out somewhere soon, and I thought we didn’t have enough time to make it.  Little did I know that cake mixes existed and that all you had to do was add water and an egg probably, and bake it and ta da!  As you can imagine, having always cooked from scratch (because it was the only way in Chile back then) this box thing seemed like magic.  Powder + Water = Magic!

Fast forward 30 years later.  Last year, we were at one of Lucas’s baseball games and someone brought brownies as a snack for the kids and when I said thanks to the mom she said something like “No problem, they are so easy to make from a box!”  Later that day, Siena asked what did she mean by saying “from a box.”  My food- sheltered kids didn’t know we could bake and make cookies from a box like that.  So Siena then went to the store and bought some boxes and made magic.  We had brownies short there after.

It reminded me of my experience with brownies in a box, almost at the same age, just 30 years earlier.

DSC_0001 2

And even though these rice crispies are not from a box, they almost fit in that same category because they are so easy.  This is the first time we’ve made them with marshmallow, you know the normal way, without all the natural substitutions I’ve always tried.  (But we used Trader Joe’s rice cereal.)

DSC_0002 2

Siena took those treats to her swim team, and also made these extra large “Hershey Kisses” for Mark and Lucas for Valentines with it.  DSC_0020 DSC_0019 They looked great and so fun to see, thinking they are XL Kisses!

DSC_0021 Continuing with the sweets, I made (on a different day) this Orange and Olive Oil Cake.  It was really good, though it felt a little heavy to me.  No one else complained though, they all gave it a 10!  (You see I have a score scale 1 to 10 (10 being the best food ever!) for all new foods I make.  Anything averaging over 8, I repeat.  I have too many cookbooks to choose from to repeat anything lower than that, foods they don’t like as much…. UNLESS I really liked it and no one else did, so I wait few months and do it again when they don’t remember and give it another try.  Don’t tell them, tricks of the cook…)


I wonder if I can put a little less oil… not sure how it would work.  It is really good and very easy to make, a great special treat.  I think they voted is a keeper.


And to celebrate Valentine’s Day I made a special stuffed French toast.  Also, not very light, but a good treat.  Mashed bananas on one slice of bread, Nutella on the other.  Closed them together and then dipped in egg and milk mixture (vanilla and cinnamon too) and then cooked on a pan for a couple of minutes.  Then transfer to the oven for 5-8 minutes.   The most important part now, get a cute kid in pj’s to sprinkle powder sugar and decorate with fruit (raspberries in this case.)  DSC_0026

Also a little much for breakfast in my opinion, but since it was more like brunch, it was more like a dessert.  And good for hungry kids.

I know, I really do know, that we ate other foods besides sweets.  There were salads, salmon, grits, beans, chicken, stew, meatloaf, potato leek soup… but no pictures to show.  Maybe next time.  Let’s see what comes up in photos next Kitchen post!

One thought on “In the kitchen

  1. Glendie February 19, 2016 / 6:35 am

    !! Fun!!! It all looks yummy.

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