Last few weeks

It feels busy right now.  No excuses, no real reason other than having two active kids, and being a family of four, with lots of ideas and wants and needs and trying to enjoy our days. The last few weeks…

… we had our first trip to the emergency room with the kids.  Not bad for being parents for 13 years.  It was a corneal scratched that the doctor wanted to check after talking to advice nurse.  That’s not a thing you want to hear at 9:30pm “yeah… you should bring him now to have him checked”… (or at any time of the day !) A couple of hours in the hospital, some help/cleaning from the doctor, antibiotics and an early follow up ophthalmologist visit made our weekend a much busier one.  But with great relief, a very quick recovery and able to do all of our fun activities as hoped, cleared by the doctor.  Phew! Not bad outcome for an emergency visit. Thank goodness.

… we’ve had some sunshine and clear skies.  Beautiful, beautiful couple of days! Oh how I love this place of ours.

DSC_0193 Hills to the northeast, with the tip of the new bridge.


Mt. Hood…. beautiful Mt Hood.

… have enjoyed seeing the kids talk and check their fitness gadget they recently purchased thanks to a present from their grandparents from Chile.   Both got a different kind, matching their personal needs.  One is waterproof, the other one didn’t have to be.  Now, we are learning how to read all the information we can get from it.

… I really liked this short video explaining dyslexia.

… during (another) doctor’s visit for the kids last week, I asked them to measure me as well, and Siena and I are the same height if she’s barefoot and I wear my shoes.  I guess, it’s official, she’s taller than me now.

… Siena got some cute socks from her uncle from Chile, sent directly from China.  By the way… have you’ve seen this video of the panda in the snow and this one of pandas playing?


… Lucas had his first two wins in basketball.  They played well, and most importantly they had fun.

… he also had his baseball try out.  Worried with his scratched eye, we thought he’d have to miss it.  But thank goodness for kids’ quick recovery and amazing bodies, he was given a good to go, and was able to participate and see where he places.  All is good.

… we had a swim meet that we all enjoyed watching and celebrating and getting ready for a bigger meet (State Championship) next week.

… liked this article about unschooling.

… we like this billboard.  It makes us smile every time we go by…


… Siena is checking every day her new Etsy shop, managing visits and hoping a sale will come through.  Lots of talking about what looks good, what words we should put, how to describe her pieces, how to better serve costumers and what people would like best.


(I am also trying to figure out how to put the Etsy banner/logo on the side of the blog here, to be able to link it straight to our Etsy shop, but I can’t figure it out.  We have lots to learn! Yes I do.)

… the kids got to spend a couple of days with some special borrowed grandparents.  They are so nice, they always talk great things about our kids and how they all play so well and have so much fun out in their farm. We feel lucky to have them and have the chance to spend time with them at their place.

… and while the kids were at the farm, I got to have a whole day to myself, and a morning.  What can one do with all that time to one self?  A trip to the library.  A stop for chai, checked out a paper/craft store around the corner (with nothing in mind, just to look), a stop at a very nice store next to it, and drinking my tea by myself in the quiet of the house.  A rare thing around here.  Not sure I’d like to have it every day, but I certainly enjoyed it this time.  Good for a change.  I think it was good for everyone.

… we are getting ready for the first spring craft/art show.

DSC_0016 DSC_0013

… we are having fun learning about Africa and Jane Goodall and chimpanzees and geography.  Lots to learn about, with such a big theme.  Sometimes that is easier because we can choose whatever we’d like to focus on, but there are so many options that some times that’s harder.

… the flowers are starting to appear.  Which makes me think, we don’t have much of a chance to get some snow anymore.  I think I’ll be OK about it.


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  1. Glendie February 18, 2016 / 7:00 am

    Busy, exciting stuff (activities)

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