Making : linen for my bed

I love natural fibers.  Wool, cotton, silk…. but linen… oh…. linen.  I do love it so much.


A while back I made a linen quilt, with all recycled clothes and tablecloths I found in thrift stores.   DSC_0039-small

I made another quilt with all sorts of linens, most of them cotton, but some linen as well.


I’ve also made Prayer Flags with a recycled linen curtain.

A bag to carry my paints and brushes, and a roll for the brushes.


I can’t pass a piece of clothing large enough that I could disassemble with enough large pieces for something, and a pretty color.  Or a tablecloth with holes, that has a bige enough piece.  All goes.  Because I am sure we can find another way to use it, somehow, sometime.

I love recycling it, it is a fabric that gets better with use.  Softer and nicer.

I have also found new pieces of linen at the thrift store, that I couldn’t pass up.  I turned them into two aprons for me. They were recycled pieces I guess, but they were just fabric waiting to be sewn into something.


But last week, I bought new linen from the store.  What?  I know.  They had some linen sheets on super sale and it was the perfect wedding anniversary present…. right?


I’ve always wanted to have linen sheets, but couldn’t really afford them. I know they last forever, but spending that amount of money at once, it’s hard for me. So when I saw their linen sale, I decided to go for it.

We only use a fitted sheet and then a duvet on top.  So I bought four sheets.  I sewed two of them together to make a duvet cover.  And then I bought the cheapest sheet they had (I think it was full size) so I could make pillow cases too.  I bought two different colors.


I used the border of the sheet, for the border of the pillow cases, so I wouldn’t have to hem them.  I did them both differently.  The light gray one, I used it inside out, because I liked how the trim looked a little more noticeable. So they are both a little different, but can’t really tell.  I can, and I like that little secret.


We had a gray (cotton) fitted sheet that matches really well with the new cover and pillows, soft how I like it (I am very tactile as you can see.)  So now I have my new linen bedding and I am loving it.  It almost feels like I’ve been sleeping better.


One thought on “Making : linen for my bed

  1. Glendie February 15, 2016 / 6:19 am

    So very nice!!!!

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