Last few weeks…

… we opened an Etsy shop!  We’ve had it for a while, not really updating it or making it work very well, but this time Siena is in charge and it’s been much more fun.

… my mom sent me these photos of her garden at the lake house, in Villarrica.  Oh summer,  I know you will return so for now I am thoroughly enjoying this rain. unnamed-2 unnamed-1 unnamed

… I heard Siena say to Mark “How can you not like this rain?” with a tone in her voice of disbelief.  And I cannot agree more with her.  I do love this rain too.  Maybe it’s because I was born in a city where just like in Portland, it rains a lot.  I love the sounds it makes at night when all is quiet and I hear it falling.

… I heard that one of my youngest Chilean nephew got accepted in College.  They are growing up so fast.

… saw this beautiful video.

… I read this knowing already that knitting was awesome.

… she’s made some re-decorating.


and I love it that there is always coloring books and pens and other craft projects happening in her room. DSC_0042

… Lucas made two knives one day in his blacksmith day Trackers (I need a better picture of the knives…)


… heard people talking about sites and people actively not recruiting people to move to Portland.  About moving to Portland and funny to read this one on why it sucks.  How to apologize for moving to Portland. And why you shouldn’t move here, including the Don’t move to Portland, Oregon website.  Even that the drinking water here doesn’t fluoride made it to one of the lists.  So funny to read.

And also about current events

Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland.

… I’ve enjoyed so many cuties mandarines lately.  They taste good in January.  And it’s a good color to help brighter those gray skies this time of the year.

… I want to find this picture of Ruth Wakefield, who we just learned invented Chocolate Chip Cookies.  We all agreed here at home, she needs to be in a frame in our kitchen.  So the search begins…

Ruth Wakefield. I found this photo here.
Ruth Wakefield. I found this photo here.

And of course, a little online search and we can find her recipe.  Did you know about her?


We might need to try her recipe soon!  I know someone here at home who’s been baking cookies lately who would love to give these a try.

… have enjoyed learning more about Dr Jane Goodall as we learn together with the kids, and especially love this photo that I found from a post on her Facebook page (Roots and Shoots) about her from a photo take last year by Annie Leibovitz and showing in her new exhibit New Portraits, opened until few more days in London. 12662611_10153917636052171_5497767465872540340_n

About Jane Goodall… “Inspiring, determined, patient, hardworking, passionate, trailblazer, observer, explorer. Dame, peacemaker, primatologist, conservationist, changemaker, hero, activist, vegetarian, mother, grandmother. A global citizen. Saving species. Healing our planet. She walks the talk. She’s the giver of hope.” (Take from here.)

And of course, from there I read about Amy Schumer’s tweet about her almost clothes-less portrait of her in the exhibit.  So many beautiful photographs… I wonder if we’d be able to see this exhibit somewhere in the world, while it tours… San Francisco is the closest city, but I’d take any city!

… there’s been lots and lots of building.  There always is.  but this one is especially fun because it relates to what we are studying… it’s Jane Goodall’s house in their Lego City (more to come later.)

DSC_0125 DSC_0134

… both Siena and Lucas got a fit tracker thingamajigger.  They each chose their own style, with what they needed them to do.  they are excited about seeing how many steps they do.

… there’s been some basketball but we are getting ready for baseball season.


… we’ve had lots of swimming, and even more exciting meets to come this month.  I can’t wait to see what happens. Her wall getting more covered with ribbons each month.


An exciting time around here. So much happening with these growing kids.  I am always amazed at what they can do.

Hope your February is a fun month too.



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