Native Americans : The Southwest Tribes : Diorama

DSC_0303 copy DSC_0292 copy

When studying Native Americans of the Southwest, Siena and Lucas decided they wanted to make dioramas.  They each picked a tribe, with different dwellings and each made their own.  Siena picked the Pueblos.  Lucas made a Hogan from the Navajo tribe.

DSC_0293 copy DSC_0295 copy DSC_0301 copy They planned what they wanted it to look like and what they thought it was important to include.  I really liked the process they went through and how very different they each work and planned their project.

DSC_0305 copy DSC_0290 copy Siena decided to do her diorama using a recycled cardboard box.

DSC_0310 copy Lucas, decided to use a piece of pretty wood we had waiting to be used into something.

DSC_0307 copy DSC_0309 copy DSC_0313 copy DSC_0314 copy

And even though Native Americans didn’t use hot glue-guns when making their own homes, Lucas used it, to make sure the sticks would stick together before he put the clay over them. DSC_0317 copy DSC_0297 copy

Siena used cardboard to make it to resemble the hillside and covered with brown paper the words and the outside of the box.DSC_0304 copy DSC_0306 copy DSC_0308 copy DSC_0312 copy DSC_0316 copy DSC_0318 copy They both used this terra cotta air dry clay. It cracked a little when it dried, but nothing to mess up their work.  They said it worked good.

This is Lucas’s Diorama of a Hogan from the Navajo tribes from the Southwest:

DSC_0073 copy DSC_0054 copy DSC_0079 copy He put clay in between the sticks, resembling what they actually do in the real construction of these.

DSC_0071 copy DSC_0055 copy Put a clay oven by the house too.  Including the large paddle used to bring the bread in and out of the oven.  This makes me want to have one in the backyard, like the one our friends made themselves.  Wouldn’t it be fun?

DSC_0053 copy DSC_0057 copy They both used Sculpey Clay to create the details of each family depicted in their diorama.

DSC_0064 copy The “Three Sisters”.

DSC_0074 copy DSC_0060 copy A woman weaving, with the loom and spindle next to her.

DSC_0067 copy DSC_0082 copyDSC_0069 copyI think it turned out beautiful.  I love all the details he made and the colors he chose and what he thought important to include.

Siena’s Diorama of the Pueblo Tribes and their home:

DSC_0032 copy DSC_0044 copy Peppers hanging to dry and turquoise.

DSC_0046 copy DSC_0043 copy This is the entrance to their kiva.

DSC_0041 copy Her dwelling had few levels that are all connected with ladders as they did.

DSC_0042 copy I love this mom.  I like her hair, though I believe the hair was done in these buns when the woman was not married yet. But the cradleboard with the baby and the younger daughter working with her, I think are my favorite details of her diorama.

DSC_0034 copy She’s grinding the corn.

DSC_0051 copyAnd another young daughter picks corn from their garden.

I think these dioramas are my favorite project as of lately, besides all the work in wool we did (carding, spinning, and weaving.)  This Southwest Tribes unit was a fun one for sure.  And with it, we finished studying all the tribes of the US, taking us a couple of years to do, because we took a few months per cultural area, and really studied in depth the major tribes and those we felt we wanted to learn more about.   Now, we just need to go on a field trip to see in real life all the things and aspects of their culture we studied.


One thought on “Native Americans : The Southwest Tribes : Diorama

  1. Glendie January 27, 2016 / 7:13 am

    SO intent on their work. LOVE the detail!

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