all the making

The last couple of months, there was so much making happening in almost every room.  From meals cooking, to baking, reading, writing, wood burning, sewing, knitting, painting, glueing, thinking, planning, etc, etc.

Some of these were for Craft fairs, others were for presents.

DSC_0012 copy DSC_0011 copy Felted, recycled sweaters laying all over, in piles of colors and levels of being chopped.

DSC_0018 copy Circles made out of these sweaters, piled in different sizes.

DSC_0021 copy DSC_0015 copy DSC_0075 copy Fabric. Craft glue and wood glue.  Glue burning tool, ribbons, paper, felt.

DSC_0058 copy Siena’s makings.

DSC_0046 copy DSC_0036 copy DSC_0014 copy DSC_0025 copy Lucas’s makings.

DSC_0016 copy DSC_0030 copy DSC_0026 copy DSC_0027 copy DSC_0050 copy DSC_0038 copy DSC_0031 copy DSC_0053 copy DSC_0063 copy DSC_0065 copy DSC_0006 copy DSC_0132 copy DSC_0008 copy DSC_0031 copy DSC_0024 copy DSC_0028 copy DSC_0066 copy Mark at the rescue, helping us with all of our needs.

DSC_0009 copy

What a fast, busy few months we’ve had.  There has been so much, really.  I am in awe at how much Siena did and made.   And also, how mature and dedicated she was, dealing and making all these craft fairs happen. We are getting ready for another one in few months.  A first for us, not during the holidays.  I better get making!  But first I’d like to finish some presents that were not completed but needed (new knitted slippers for Mark).  And few sewing projects for a couple of birthdays coming up.  And a Christmas quilt I’ve been trying to make for us for quite a few years.  I have the fabric I want, and I started cutting it few days ago.  Maybe I’ll get to finish it in the next few weeks.

But there’s a swim meet coming up, so I better get a knitting project for the weekend.  With driving time, sitting at the pool for few hours… I should be able to get some knitting done!  Love it. Watch out Ravelry and Pinterest.  I am coming with hungry fingers.


One thought on “all the making

  1. Glendie January 12, 2016 / 5:44 am

    SO busy; SO creative; SO beautiful!!

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