a good swim meet

DSC_0256 copy

Last month Siena had a great swim meet.  The second one of the (swimming) season, and she was ready for the challenge.  New, longer races because she’s at a new age level, and she was nervous, but also very excited.

DSC_0335 copyWe were excited and nervous with her.

DSC_0271 copy

I will have to add a disclaimer here, I will take this post to brag a little about my daughter.  She’s a strong, amazing thirteen year old, and I can’t pass this opportunity, I am her mom after all.

Warm ups, and then her first race, on a Friday (on my birthday) she swam 1000 meters of freestyle.  One thousand (a whole kilometer!) and did it in just 13 minutes.  She’s gotten so strong. DSC_0336 copy DSC_0337 copy DSC_0342 copy DSC_0343 copyDSC_0348 copyHer focus, her energy.  She’s amazing.  ( I know, I”m sorry, I am just so proud of her.)

DSC_0352 copy Turn after turn.

DSC_0347 copyFriends and her brother at the end of the pool, counting laps for her, watching, and I know, admiring her.  Mark and I timing her at the other end.  Also admiring her.

DSC_0348 copy Yes, lap, after lap.  More so, after each lap, after each turn, after each minute swam.  Cheers at both ends.  This is great.

DSC_0354 copy11 laps.

DSC_0360 copy 21.  Half done.

DSC_0357 copyDSC_0367 copy 29.

DSC_0370 copy37.  And then 40 laps.  Wow. The only 13 year old swimming 1,000 meters this time.  She’s amazing.

DSC_0288 copy On her second day, more races, and the last one of the day, 500 meter freestyle.  Not sure where she gets her stamina for all of it.

DSC_0389 copyDSC_0305 copy

I love swim meets. They all look so coordinated, especially as they get older.  Their strokes are flawless, seeming like one arm is attached to the other and their feet, every body part knowing what to do. Kicks and turns different depending on the stroke, and depending what stroke they are going into, if it is a medley.

Siena was telling me (again) about the 200 IM.  Dive to a lap of butterfly stroke.  At the end of the pool you do an open turn going into another 25m of butterfly.  From butterfly into backstroke with a different turn, and a backstroke flip turn (different from the last one) into the first 100 m done.  Half done and 4 different turns so far.  Touch the wall on your back and go into breaststroke with an open turn after a lap and yet another turn from breaststroke to freestyle, the last two laps.  Not sure I could keep track of all that myself.  I am so glad she can, as all the other swimmers.

DSC_0312 copy DSC_0313 copy DSC_0379 copy Here we are, rooting for her, all the time. Always.

DSC_0380 copy DSC_0390 copy

In this race, she’s swimming with her friend and team mate who counted laps for her the day before.  No one is really that competitive, it is an individual sport, and for her, the main goal is to improve her times, and try to make it to state competitions.  And we’ll help her with that as much as we can.  For now, driving her to all the practices (every day), getting up early and going and hanging out in swim meets, timing, countering, bringing snacks. I can do lots of knitting and picture taking, no problem.  I’m getting good at all that.

DSC_0396 copy DSC_0397 copy

Because I think I get as many butterflies as she does when I see her standing behind the block, getting ready to dive and swim.

DSC_0398 copy

And her smile and her look says “I love this”DSC_0399 copy DSC_0400 copy DSC_0402 copy

We love it too.  Thank you for these great memories.

100 backstroke.

50 Freestyle.

100 Butterfly.


One thought on “a good swim meet

  1. Glendie January 2, 2016 / 7:22 am

    LOVE you sharing this!

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