the most beautiful snow

We live just over an hour away from Mt Hood but we don’t really go there in the winter, very much.  I am not a skier, and Mark, even though he grew up skiing, stopped going many years ago.  I don’t know why we did it, but it wasn’t in the list of things we wanted to do in our free time, even in all those years before we had kids.

DSC_0017 copy

Siena was about 7 when we first went skiing with her, the first time in many years for Mark and I.  She loved it.  She learned very quickly, and it was on her third trip to the mountain that she skied in the black diamond runs.  She was fearless.  That winter, Mark and Siena went skiing one day, and on their way back, they had a car accident, and our pickup was totaled.  They were both OK, but the scars were more than physical.

DSC_0018 copy

After that, Mark worried to drive in the snow, and Siena cried and worried even just thinking about going to the snow.  So we stopped, for the most part.  We’ve done a little here and there, to get to the snow, but take care of choosing the days and the weather we are driving in.  When we pick the Christmas trees, we stay in the main roads, they need to be plowed, and we haven’t been able to go if it was snowing.  Slowly, she and Mark, are getting ready to get up there again, or in any snow, really!


With all the rain and cold we’ve had, Mt Hood was looking beautiful from the city, so we decided to go yesterday.  We woke up to a rainy day in Portland, which meant snow up in the mountain.  We headed up anyways, knowing we might need to stop and come back if the road was looking too much for Siena.  Hot chocolate in the thermos, snacks, jackets, warm pants, hats and the chains on hand.

DSC_0188 copy

Snow was on the ground much lower than what we’ve seen and the rain turned into snow quickly.  Book on their mp3 player trying to distract Siena from the white stuff all around us, was doing little.  Mark decided to put the chains on, but struggled to get them on since we haven’t done it in many years.  Lucas helped and then Siena helped put them on, and we were on our way.  I think it was a great thing for her to help, I think she felt she was helping with the safety of the driving.

DSC_0190 copy

I am glad she did, because the sights were the most beautiful I’ve seen in a long time.  The road was not bad, Mark was a little more relaxed since Siena was a little more relaxed.  It was a good trip and the view outside our windows… just incredible.

DSC_0164 copyDSC_0189 copy

There were lots of people on the road and up sledding.

DSC_0046 copyDSC_0020 copy DSC_0022 copy

Fresh powder, snow, still falling. Is there anything better than that?

DSC_0040 copy DSC_0039 copy

A little sun trying to come out, but the clouds were passing by, and snow was falling the whole time we were up there. Small, beautiful flakes.

DSC_0044 DSC_0059 copy DSC_0165 copy DSC_0090 copy DSC_0094 copy DSC_0105 copy DSC_0085 copy

I know, each to our own.

DSC_0127DSC_0132 copy DSC_0141 copy DSC_0138 copy DSC_0140DSC_0151 copy DSC_0154 DSC_0155 DSC_0156DSC_0158 copy

This view was amazing.

DSC_0159 copy DSC_0161 copy DSC_0162 copy If I could put my some day cabin right here, it would be a lovely thing.

DSC_0163 copy

A parking lot full.  Some coming others leaving.  Some alone or in groups doing alpine skiing or snowshoeing.  Others with snowboards or skis coming down from a day in the snow.  And yet others with littler ones, crying with the cold after just having arrived, or maybe after playing for a while, or crying because of a fall, or just tired from a day outside.  Others happy, with rosy cheeks, tired from carrying those sleds up and down the hills. Everyone for the most part, enjoying this beautiful day.

DSC_0167 copy Us, with two tired kids, cold, happy and with rosy cheeks, and hungry.  Ready for a snack and in time to get back to the city for some swimming.

DSC_0168 copy The sun still trying to make an appearance.

DSC_0170 copy

Siena in the back seat with Lucas, listening to their book, I think less worried after a safe and fun day up in the snow.  Little steps.

DSC_0172 copy

And this sky, the clouds, the sun, the trees, the snow…

DSC_0173 copy

This is our Oregon. It is just a wonderful place.

DSC_0175 copy DSC_0179 copy DSC_0181 copy

We crossed this snowplow and to my delight, everyone was still excited to see it working on the road.  I think it’s a very cool truck!DSC_0183 copy DSC_0186 copy DSC_0184

Happy, filled with cool fresh air.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day.


2 thoughts on “the most beautiful snow

  1. Glendie December 31, 2015 / 11:26 am

    !! Nice !!

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela January 5, 2016 / 1:16 pm

      Still few patches of snow on the ground. S one school districts still closed today, 3 days later. Fun few days!

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