a snow day

DSC_0139 copy DSC_0140 copy The one place we get donuts at, Joe’s Donuts in Sandy.  It’s a stop every time we go up to the mountain or in that direction. It is a must stop and a hard decision for sure.

DSC_0141 copy Nope, this one is not mine.  I like my donut old fashion, please.

DSC_0148 copy A wintry day, dark, gray, with beautiful full clouds, but no rain. Dramatic colors for us to enjoy and feel.

DSC_0149 copy DSC_0151 copy Lucas is someone who can’t stop not playing or touching the snow.

DSC_0152 copy DSC_0155 copy DSC_0156 copy DSC_0161 copy And who couldn’t, really.  When it’s just numbered the days we spend playing in it.

DSC_0169 copy DSC_0173 copy DSC_0179 copy DSC_0180 copy DSC_0181 copy DSC_0186 copy DSC_0187 copy DSC_0188 copy DSC_0190 copy

His laugh, his smile, his happiness around snow is contagious.  Of course, until one of those snow balls hits a frozen face, or your back, or when you were least expecting it… but then it’s fair and square.  And I think that is all he’s after, after all!

DSC_0192 copy DSC_0193 copy DSC_0195 copy DSC_0204 copy DSC_0205 copy DSC_0208 copy DSC_0210 copy DSC_0215 copy DSC_0217 copy DSC_0219 copy DSC_0221 copy DSC_0223 copy DSC_0232 copy

I know, we just can’t keep him off the snow… what a fun day.  We should get up there more often.


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