last few weeks…


Days are going by very quickly.  They are busy but beautiful busy. I love this time of year.  There’s a little buzz in the air, but for us, it’s as buzzy as we like it.  Sometimes it gets a little out of our reach, but for the most part, we are pretty good about it all.  There’s swim meets, making and projects to be finished, there’s the cooking, driving around, the classes, playdates, the swim practices and other activities we all enjoy.  But there’s also the seasonal activities we so look forward to.  The craft fairs, the driving to the mountain to pick our perfect tree for the year. The decorating, the baking, the making, the reading, the decision making of what special show we want to see this Holiday season.  There is so much fun to be had.

The past few weeks…

… we’ve had three craft fairs this past month.  And we had so much fun at these, talking to people, seeing new and old familiar faces, seeing friends, making new friends.  It was fun.

… we had a beautiful Thanksgiving.  Celebrated just us, together, as we do each meal, but it is something so special to have Mark be home all day, hanging out with us, cooking and baking together.  A real treat we all enjoy so much.

DSC_0135 copy DSC_0165 copy

… it’s been cold. Really cold.  As cold as snow could have falling down, but it didn’t.  we’ll keep waiting.

DSC_0130 copy

… it’s been raining so much.  So hard, we have the record for rain fall for the month of December, and it’s only the 9th.

… loved the words by Dalai Lama at an interview after the violence in Paris.

“We are human beings and there is no basis or justification for killing others. If you consider others as brothers and sisters and respect their rights, then there is no room for violence.”

And continued to say:

“If we emphasize more on nonviolence and harmony, we can herald a new beginning… … Unless we make serious attempts to achieve peace, we will continue to see a replay of the mayhem humanity experienced in the 20th century.”

… so sad to read that there’s been more mass shooting than calendar days this year.  It takes me to wonder what is wrong with our society? Where do we live? How could this be possible? It saddens me to think “where is it this time?” How could that be possible.

… found the cutest dance class video taught by a toddler.

… feel like I need to learn how to do Instagram.  Love all the photos I see sometimes, but mostly I am enjoying having the possibility of this!

… saw this article at a friend’s page.  Beautiful.

… see the kids play with friends.  Now, more inside than outside.

DSC_0108 copy DSC_0105 copy

Lucas here with his mask and glasses, trying to get better plays in BS.  Didn’t sound like it worked very well for him.

… we went to see a Blazers game.  With so many new players, it was a little hard to see them play, but it’s fun no matter what.

… read Niina’s post in her blog Souvenirs few days ago, and I want to move to Finland. I love snow so much, oh how I wish we could be covered in that white beautiful puff.  Some day… some day snow, some day Finland… I’ll take any!

… heard the geese fly by at night, over our home few days ago.  It was cold outside, 34 degrees.  Why are they waiting so long to go south?

… saw this video of southern Chile.  Beautiful!

… celebrated Lucas turning once again around the sun.

… found this pencil and loved it…

DSC_0314 copy

… have felt thankful for so many reasons.

DSC_0110 copy


2 thoughts on “last few weeks…

  1. Erin December 11, 2015 / 11:55 am

    I popped in today to see how you are doing–sounds like things are going well there! So interesting that you are thinking of joining instagram. We finally got smart phones and I have been wondering the same myself. So glad I found your blog through the kitchen blog hop a couple of years ago–I don’t often comment, but I do love your photos and perspectives. So: holiday greetings from the east coast! Felices fiestas.

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela December 15, 2015 / 12:56 pm

      Hi Erin.
      Thank you for coming to visit, and for commenting. it is really fun to get to “meet” people, and “chat” in this virtual world.
      I write and post the photos because I like doing it. I love photography and thinking of a post, makes me carry my camera more often and try to keep a little of our days.
      And it is a great thing that you enjoy these photos as well. What a treat! Thank you.
      Thanks for commenting, and for coming to visit all these years.
      Happy Holidays to you as well! –Marcela

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