another year

Another travel around the sun, and this little guy of ours, the youngest in our family has turned 10.

DSC_0336 copy

How did that happen?  It seems like it wasn’t too long ago when we celebrated him in India with our friends there, turning 6.

Photo by Karel
Photo by Karel


Or when he turned 8.DSC_0185-small

Or turned 7DSC_0012-small

Or last year, when he turned 9 and I never got around to post these photos or write anything about it… and so here they are.

DSC_0021 copy DSC_0105 copy DSC_0152 copy DSC_0170 copy DSC_0172 copy

Or ten years ago, when he was born…

DSC_0201 copy DSC_0202 copy DSC_0205 copyDSC_0117-small

It has gone by very quickly, as cliche as it is, time does fly.  And I feel lucky I can spend my days with these three people I love so much.  And seeing this little guy turn into the beautiful, wonderful, thoughtful, funny young man he is turning to be, it is an amazing thing.


DSC_0024 copy

What a treat and how lucky I am to be his mom. Their Mamá.

DSC_0200 copy

And as Lucas asked me just few days ago “What would be the best job you could ever have?” and I answered without hesitation, “It is the one I am doing right now, spending my days with you two.  I would not trade it for anything!”  Nope, I wouldn’t.


3 thoughts on “another year

  1. Kelly December 9, 2015 / 9:37 am

    We love Hervis!

  2. Glendie December 11, 2015 / 8:06 am

    Look, just look, at your family flash by. Thanks for sharing all the memories!!!!

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