under water

Every time my kids have a swim meet, I go all prepared for some picture taking.  My zoom is pretty good, but by no means I can get close ups from where we can sit.  So I try to go closer when they are warming up.  It’s less disruptive, I think.  And I try to stay out of the way of coaches and swimmers.  So I do my best with what I have.

DSC_0252 copy
The pool is quiet when we get there.

DSC_0254 copyThe music starts and the swimmers get in. I head down.

DSC_0258 copyI’m thinking this (photo) is pretty good, I’ll try for another one.

DSC_0261 copy That’s OK.  I guess.

DSC_0262 copy Yup, here’s another one. I’m feeling good. I’m feeling lucky.

DSC_0265 copy DSC_0267 copy DSC_0268 copy DSC_0270 copy

And then I realize, that swimmers are hardly ever out of the water.

DSC_0274 copy DSC_0275 copy DSC_0278 copy DSC_0280 copy That’s not the idea.  I guess.

DSC_0281 copy

Backstroke is a good photo-taking stroke.  If I can get it focused as soon as she turns and she starts slow.

DSC_0282 copy DSC_0284 copy And it’s only good (for photo-taking) when she goes away from me.

DSC_0286 copy DSC_0287 copy Unless she’s touching the wall… which she does underwater anyways!

DSC_0290 copy And then continues underwater as well, after the turn.

DSC_0295 copy

Freestyle, doesn’t work either.

DSC_0294 copy DSC_0299 copy DSC_0319 copyDSC_0325 copy DSC_0326 copy

I think butterfly and breaststroke are the best strokes for photo taking.

DSC_0300 copy DSC_0301 copy DSC_0320 copy DSC_0327 copy DSC_0334 copy

Well, maybe some times.


3 thoughts on “under water

  1. Glendie November 12, 2015 / 7:11 am

    LOVE your photos, and I love the idea that your are practicing/perfecting your photography skills while Siena is practicing/perfecting her swimming strokes and times. Working separately, but together~

  2. Laurie Geren November 12, 2015 / 11:50 am

    oh wow Siena is so strong, great pics

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