last few weeks…

This month has gone by so quickly.  Fall always does.  It is busy, with lots of cleaning outside, the streets, the garden, the yard, and inside too getting ready for the time spent indoors.  And there is all the making happening, getting ready for craft fairs coming up quicker than I am ready for.  And then there’s the beautiful autumn days, that I just want to savor and never forget.  But I can remember that this month…

… we went to see a play at the local children’s theater called The Sun Serpent. It was an original play based on historic facts. I found it interesting, beautiful performed with three actors, sad, historic, and done in a beautiful and creative way.  My kids gave it an OK review because it seemed a little slow at times and a sad story.

… we went on our bikes downtown to the play (above), and it felt good to get there, though further than our normal bike rides, but with a time and responsibility to get us there on time.  On a beautiful just perfect day.

… have enjoyed collecting acorns and acorn caps and seeing them all over the house and in some crafts.

… have enjoyed all the oranges and fall things around the house.  Some from the garden and some from the farm.

DSC_0004 copy DSC_0212 copy

… we rode the new (Orange) train lane that opened a month ago and still hadn’t used it.

… and on the same day, all of this, we rode our bike on the new bridge, the Tilikum Crossing, that we hadn’t crossed either.  I wish I would have had my camera… it was a sunny, perfect temperature, clear, wonderfully fallish day.

… had to bring some fall colors from the last day at the Farmer’s Market.

DSC_0213 copy DSC_0209 copy

… celebrated Lucas’s birthday-month with friends.

… ate outside as many meals as we could.

… have seen the kids play with friends outside even on the day that rained the most since… forever it seems like.  We all seem to be true Oregonians, and not be bothered by the rain, pour coming down on us.  But I’d say the kids more than me.

DSC_0222 copy

And of course a little hot chocolate to with the rain. DSC_0224 copy

… cleaned out the vents but haven’t started our heater yet.  We’ll see if we can make it to November. Just few more days!

… have been enjoying many Lego creations being brought to the table and shown around.

DSC_0002 copy DSC_0043 copy DSC_0190 copy

… have enjoyed making bread and soups.  More on the kitchen happenings coming up.

… watched this video of Valdivia, a beautiful city in Chile.

… and also found this photo that reminds me of the one “chancho” (pig) we had at my house growing up, to do the shining after the wax was put on the wooden floors.  How funny.  I haven’t thought of this “cleaning equipment” in a very long time.  Love it!

el chancho

Hope you have a peaceful end of October.


2 thoughts on “last few weeks…

  1. Glendie October 28, 2015 / 5:47 am

    The fall is wonderful, and your pictures and narrative only improve it!!!!!


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