a is for astronaut

Maybe I should have been an astronaut because of all the beauty you can see from up there.  But not that I could manage or handle being up there, in a closed space.  Oh no… I don’t think I’d do well up there.  But I can’t get enough of all these amazing images shared with us, down here, below.

Please watch this video of the first Italian female astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti.


There is also this video of a tour of the ISS.

And of course, if you want 5 more minutes, here’s the video when Suni Williams (who made the other tour video) leaves the ISS to go back to Earth.  It just seems so unreal, we (humans) can be filming, moving, living up there in space.  It is so foreign to me that always, always amazes me of all the research and happenings in technology.

Or if you have 18 more minutes watch this one of the actual landing.

Amazing.  And more photos taken and shared by Scott Kelly from the International Space Station these past few weeks.

New Zealand by Scott Kelly ISS
New Zealand by Scott Kelly from ISS, 2015.
The Sun by Scott Kelly ISS October 2015
The Sun. Photo taken by Scott Kelly from ISS.

I am waiting his return to Earth next year and hoping for a coffee table book with all of his amazing images.

London + France from ISS Scott Kelly
London and France. Photo taken by Scott Kelly from the ISS, October 2015.

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