let the swim season begin

DSC_0061 copyCamera, snacks, and swimsuits packed.  The first swim meet of the season.

DSC_0443 copyDSC_0442 copyDSC_0202 copy DSC_0212 copy DSC_0216 copy DSC_0220 copy    DSC_0325 copyDSC_0277 copy DSC_0314 copy DSC_0318 copy

Warming up.  Legs, arms, kicks, butterfly, backstroke… everyone at once, all together at their own speed but truing to keep up, to warm up, to be ready for their own.

DSC_0264 copyDSC_0224 copyDSC_0235 copy

I like seeing the excitement, the energy of everyone. The kids the coaches, the parents.

DSC_0320 copy DSC_0344 copy DSC_0356 copy DSC_0360 copy DSC_0364 copy DSC_0366 copy DSC_0369 copy DSC_0370 copy DSC_0376 copy Eight laps.  200 meter IM.

DSC_0377 copy DSC_0382 copy

First individual race. 100 Freestyle. A second place in her heat with 100th of a second difference, and finishing in just over a minute.  Now, a new goal for this girl of ours.  She has it in her mind now, I know she has it in her.

DSC_0299 copy

We watch from the bleachers but get right in her lane when she swims, to cheer her on. We wave and smile from the other end until she’s ready.  We are there for her.

DSC_0394 copy

Smiling as always.  Water is where she feels the best.  “Chlorine is her perfume”, as a t-shirt reads, and we know that’s true.

DSC_0401 copy DSC_0405 copy DSC_0416 copyBack and forth, back and forth.  Eight times again.  She’s so strong.

DSC_0407 copy DSC_0410 copy

This time, her hardest stroke.  200 meters of breaststroke, something she’s never done before.  Not even half of that.  But at the end, she felt so good for being there and now with a new time to beat the next time.

DSC_0414 copy

One more turn, one more reach, one more touch.  And just like that she did that morning what she loves the best.  And we were so lucky to be there with her.

DSC_0433 copy DSC_0444 copy


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