maybe what the planet needs…

“The planet does not need more ‘successful people’. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” ~H.H.The Dalai Lama

DSC_0157-small DSC_0150-small DSC_0150-small plants    DSC_0015-smallDSC_0453-small DSC_0445- small lightDSC_0150-smallDSC_0454-smallDSC_0504-small DSC_0154-smallDSC_0245-small woman working DSC_0158-smallDSC_0504-small DSC_0156-small DSC_0300-small sunsetDSC_0045-smallDSC_0300-small DSC_0300-small DSC_0300-small DSCN0300-small

DSC_0645 copy DSC_0453-smallDSC_0509-small DSC_0504-small DSC_0150-small DSC_0501-small DSC_0250-small DSC_0350-smallDSC_0145-small DSC_0245-small DSC_0453-small light DSC_0445-small DSC_0455-small DSC_0445-small DSC_0455-small DSC_0456-small kids DSC_0245-small DSC_0454-small DSC_0245-small DSCN0455-small DSC_0345-smallDSC_0300-small DSC_0300-small

These are all photos taken by me.  They remind me of places, far away ones, and closer to home.  They remind me of family and loved ones, and of new friends and people we never had the chance to meet, in places far, far away.

These are photos of nature and places discovered by my family.  Traveled and adventured in the world in hope to bring awareness to each one of us, of all the differences, all the similarities, that there are in this wonderful, beautiful world we live in and share.

Some of these adventures were in hope to restore and heal and most of all, in hope to make our own stories.   Hoping also, to grow up as a caring world citizen and make this planet part of our lives, part of our stories.  Because maybe, it is when we’ve experienced things, places, people, we will care more about them and about each other.


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