It seems like all my plans of sewing for the summer, were not completed.  But I am not sure where time went.  I did make things, but seems like the heat made me go much slower. I don’t know.  It’s a good excuse anyways, I can blame the heat for everything, I have no problems with that.

DSC_0002 copy

Lucas’s bow tie for a wedding we went to.  He thought he’d wear it with a friend, that’s why I made two, but he ended up being the one to wear his.  He kept the red one, and he looked so cute and he liked it too.

But let me say a word about bow ties.  Wow. I have never tied one before, and I didn’t think it would be so complicated.  It took me five times longer to tie the bow than to make it! It was suppose to be a bow tie he can tie as we were getting ready, but seriously, after watching a series of youtube videos and webpages on how to do it, as Charles said on this video (I love his accent!) just like magic, it came together.

Not sure I could reproduce it again, I ended up cutting the tie in the back, adding a piece of fabric and a velcro.  Yes sir! velcro saved our lives.  There is no way I can tie it again, so I made some stitches in the front to keep the knot fixed.  Wow… who would have known.

DSC_0084 copy

We made a very large order of new wool felt, and oh…. we are so excited.  Mostly this girl right here.  She’s been making and making all sorts of fun things.  She’s on top of things I need to say.  We are going to attend a couple of craft, holiday fairs this year, and she’s been working all year already.  I need to get my act together and follow her dedication!

DSC_0083 copy DSC_0070 copy

Look at how cute these are….And always, a book on tape… well you know, an audiobook.

for the flags copyThese were the fabrics my friend picked for me to make flags for their wedding.

DSC_0078 copy DSC_0077 copy

It was so much fun.  I used some fabrics she had given me a while back, as she was cleaning her drawers.  I love those friends!  Some fabrics from a friend of theirs he had given to them a long time ago, and now lives apart, I could still use pieces from it.  A special shirt of hers torn too early, looking for a second adventure.

DSC_0076 copy

So much fun to intertwine stories, worlds, lives, friends together, in something special they can use time and time again.

DSC_0079 copy DSC_0084 copy DSC_0089 copyA beautiful celebration.  So very special.

And this card made by Lucas.

DSC_0134 copy

For a friend, another baseball player.   Let’s see what October brings us for making.  I am looking forward to that.


One thought on “making

  1. Glendie October 1, 2015 / 7:33 am

    I LOVE all your making. I’m GLAD to see the bow ties. So great. The dolls look great. She does SUCH a good job with those. Nice wedding celebration, too. Thanks for sharing your photos and activities

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