in the house

DSC_0007 copyThere’s been lots of cleaning and re-arranging.  I moved the chairs around, and everyone was OK with this change.  That’s always good for this family.  After a while I need change, even little ones like this, but the rest of my family, don’t feel this need at all, but I am glad they go along with me.

DSC_0048 copyThe kids in the kitchen… I love it.  And wonder how much longer will it be until the height difference is the other way around.

DSC_0174 copyBefore.

DSC_0012 copyAnd after.  I know, not much difference, except that now the white is actually white, not worn out and stained and marked from being used every day by four people for the last 13 years, and holes patched makes it look a little better too.

DSC_0016 copy

A fresh coat of paint makes it feel cleaner and crisp.  And we changed the light fixture to one light, we don’t need more light than that being such a small bathroom.

DSC_0176 copyI did leave our little joke on the window… for some reason, it’s so funny every time.

DSC_0007 2 copy

It’s cold enough that a comforter and someone to snuggle with is a good thing.