DSC_0080 copy DSC_0081 copyI did a little more indigo dyeing few weeks ago, and Siena placed these thrifted newly dyed goodness to use right away.  Adding a little more blue (still) to our backyard.

DSC_0003 copyNot as much bike riding as I hope I’d do, but maybe when the weather cools off a little and we have a new routine.

DSC_0007 copy

DSC_0027 copyOn a sunny day few weeks ago, we decided to clean out the freezer/canning room.  Well, it wasn’t so much we wanted to clean the freezer room, it was that we were getting a new freezer, and since that was coming out, why not take everything else out, right?

DSC_0009 copy

DSC_0031 copyOur freezer was mostly making ice, leaving us with little space for storage of food.

DSC_0029 copy

And as things go, to get the new freezer in, bigger than our 20-year old one, we had to get our canning shelf out, so we could turn the freezer around, to be able to open its door, to make it fit in the room.

DSC_0012 copy

And so, we decided to clean the whole room.  Dust, wipe off walls, floors, shelves, etc.  It needed it anyway.

DSC_0018 copy
Photo taken by Lucas.
DSC_0013 copy
Photo taken by Lucas.

DSC_0022 copy DSC_0025 copyBut seeing all these cans of goods.  Tomatoes, tomato sauce, salsa, apple sauce, pickles, pickled beans, peaches… oh… so good.  Made us feel proud of all the canning, as we lined them up on the table and then on the shelves, wiped, lined up, ready for the winter months.  Made me feel ready.  And it also made me feel rich.  I feel lucky.


DSC_0079 copyOutside, it feels like fall.  I can feel it in the air.  It’s coming. I love it.