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Before I show you how we celebrated Chilean Independence Day last weekend, I want to take a moment to share the sad news of Chile’s latest earthquake from just 2 days ago.  An 8.3 magnitude, 16-foot wave on the coast of the Pacific, makes it a strong and violent earthquake.  11 people killed and a million people evacuated.  What a disaster.  I feel sad for Chile and the people who lost so much this time.

Chile is a country that has the most earthquakes, in the world, because it has two tectonic plates that allows this to happen.  I remember growing up with earthquakes all the time.  It was no big deal.  We practiced what to do at home, at school.  We saw news of earthquakes all the time, and of course there were some big ones, that happen every so often.  This one, a big one, the third one in the last 5 years.

News say this earthquake was five times stronger than the one that happened in Nepal last April, and thankfully to all the preparedness Chile has and the strict building codes, it seems to be a fraction of the damage and loss of Nepal.  That doesn’t make it better.  It makes me thankful Chile is as prepared because of where it is located.

I feel for the people who lost everything.  No matter how or how much we can be prepared for natural catastrophes, there will always be losses.  Of loved ones, of homes, jobs, of food and then so much need.  This is another time when Chile has lost lives, has been damaged by a natural disaster, yes, another earthquake.

We are thinking of the families who are struggling right now.  Who have lost loved ones and their homes.  Our thoughts are with you.  Chile, the country I was born and grew up in, and the country we celebrate from far away, half world away, on this day, Chilean Independence Day.

DSC_0139 copy

We got our backyard ready, it was a hot weekend.

DSC_0152 copy

We celebrated Chilean Independence Day with friends.  It’s been a few years since we had, and it was so good to gather again and celebrate. (It made me remember of this post I did, from when I was little.) And it made me think of our celebration we had in India, with our friends there.

DSC_0143 copy DSC_0165 copyFor us, it is always fun to decorate and get things ready, finding our box of Chilean Party items, and re-discovering everything once again.

DSC_0161 copy

We made few Chilean dishes.

DSC_0178 copy

DSC_0153 copy DSC_0159 copy

DSC_0144 copy DSC_0160 copy

DSC_0166 copy

Friends brought Chilean dishes and drink as wells. Palta Reina. Grapes. Pisco sour. Empananadas. Chilean wine.  It was fun to see what everyone brought, and thankful they took the time to bring, and search and prepare something special for this occasion.

DSC_0188 copy

We had a full table.

DSC_0185 copy DSC_0203 copy DSC_0204 copy DSC_0205 copy DSC_0189 copy DSC_0181 copy DSC_0179 copy DSC_0190 copy DSC_0182 copy(Fun to even translate the names into English… because it was fun)

DSC_0166 copy

Siena suggested I make a new bunting with the flags we had that their sticks were broken.

DSC_0168 copySo I did.  DSC_0169 copyI like how it turned out.

DSC_0171 copyShe decorated the whole backyard, and it looked so pretty, so festive.

DSC_0162 copy DSC_0173 copy

We got our games and toys set up.

DSC_0186 copy

I think everyone got to practice and learn some new “skills”.   Emboque.

DSC_0197 copy

DSC_0196 copy
Rolling R’s.DSC_0193 copyWith Chilean judges, scoring on the R rolling.

DSC_0200 copy

DSC_0198 copy

DSC_0206 copy

A Quiz of Chilean culture, seen by our eyes, probably and most likely not the complete, real truth.  In everything.  In anything. Maybe.

DSC_0199 copy

DSC_0217 copy DSC_0207 copyEarthquake building.  Making a tower with blocks, on a small, rather shaky table, then being moved by someone else, and seeing how many blocks were left standing.

DSC_0212 copy Kids playing, running around.

DSC_0218 copy DSC_0213 copyHula hooping (not Chilean per se, but something fun to do at a party, right?)

DSC_0215 copy

Yes, we played and ate for many hours.

DSC_0202 copyFrom daylight.

DSC_0210 copy‘Til dark.  Adults and kids alike.

DSC_0220 copy DSC_0221 copy

I think we celebrated well.  Thank you dear friends.

Dear Chile, we are thinking of you during these hard days of recovery. Much strength to you all. 12019844_864152240336904_2030645766936121473_n


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